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5G Networks to Have More Than 200 Million Subscribers Five Years From Now

The fifth-generation network technology still eludes the Indian subscribers and telecom operators. There are multiple reasons for it, like the financial condition of the telecom companies, delay in the spectrum auction, among others. However, the 5G technology in other countries and in a global scale has been growing rapidly, with telecom companies in countries like South Korea and the USA vehemently adding subscribers and relaying fast services. On the same... Read More

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Juniper Networks to Expand Networks for Telecom Egypt

Juniper Networks has bagged a project from Telecom Egypt for upgrading and deploying a network capacity expansion. This capacity expansion would be done across Telecom Egypt’s national infrastructure. Currently, Telecom Egypt serves a customer base of 9.8m for fixed-line services, 7.3m for mobile and 6.9m for broadband services. The network upgrade program comes after the anticipation of exponential growth for network demands in the country. The network upgrade program is... Read More

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