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Microsoft Edge 90 Brings With It Redefined Download Interface, Bug Fixes

Microsoft's Edge Browser has been the talk of the town for quite some time. Users who wish to use a less RAM intensive browser that also does not drain the battery as if the laptop was running intensive games (we are looking at you Chrome) Edge has been the go-to recommendation. Having said that, in comparison to Chrome, Edge surely has some shortcomings. These have usually been heard to by... Read More

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Whats your Mobile 2G DATA speeds? : PAN India TT Survey

Its no more only voice era, though the transformation is still in progress both voice and Data are equally important for a smart phone user. In fact a smartphone is not really smart without an internet connection and hence we value the word DATA. Coming to a real life scenario relying on DATA connection is increasing more and hence our expectations for Data from an operator also increases.But the service... Read More

August 9th, 2010 3:20 AM 15 COMMENTS

Wireless Internet Why Speed Differs At Different Times In Different Networks

The current major mobile internet deployment in India is EDGE with pockets of 3G deployed by couple of operators. EDGE gives a maximum speed of 384Kbps with per channel capacity being around 50Kbps max. So a user on EDGE is atleast guaranteed a 64Kbps speed, which is fair enough for email and chat. EDGE is based on legacy GSM radio technology. On the other hand 3G has picked up the... Read More

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The Nielsen Consumer Experience Mobile Test program, which measures wireless network performance of all national and select regional carriers, has successfully completed testing 39 markets for the Phase I of its program (2008-2009).The Nielsen survey studied differences in Data Network performance between CDMA and GSM technologies. It was observed that CDMA technology has a distinct edge over GSM across all of the top six Data Network performance metrics. CDMA Operator... Read More


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