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Airtel Digital TV Gets Times Now Navbharat HD Channel In Hindi

Bharti Airtel’s DTH platform, Airtel Digital TV has been launching new offers for its new subscribers. Airtel Digital TV is one of the most popular choices out there in case you are in search of a new DTH connection. However, this piece of news is not about a new promotion from Airtel Digital TV or a product but about a major new channel addition that has been made on Airtel... Read More

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TRAI Tariff Regime Proving Detrimental to Broadcasters Not Only Consumers

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) brought the National Tariff Order back in 2019. The notification of this new development was seen as a positive step by the subscribers; however, the same feelings were not shared by the broadcasting community. The big hotshots of the broadcasting industry unitedly opposed the NTO in various High Courts across the country. The legal tussle still persists between the parties and the sector... Read More

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Tata Sky Channel Packs Under Rs 200 Offering Multiple Genres and Languages

When it comes to buying DTH services, the consumers often resort to popular brands like Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, and the likes. With the plethora of Set-Top Box options available with these DTH services, the subscribers of DTH feel comfortable with the freedom they get to exercise choice with features like OTT enabled box, SD quality, or HD quality. Tata Sky is a popular DTH operator and as such,... Read More

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Airtel Digital TV Subscribers Can Now Watch Shemaroo TV and Devam as FTA Channels

Bharti Airtel’s Airtel Digital TV service is one of the topmost DTH services in the country. Also, for the subscribers of TV channels, if you are using Airtel Digital TV, then you would be amused to know about the addition of some of the new channels which Airtel has updated for its users. The DTH operators keep on removing and adding some of the channels to their platform, and for... Read More

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TRAI Order on DTH Has Evolved to Rain Heavily on Subscribers’ Pockets

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced the New Tariff Order back in 2020; however, at the time, the regulator was very optimistic about it. So, were the subscribers of DTH services were as well. After all, as the regulator, the responsibility that rests with TRAI is to protect the consumer interests. During the time, the most positive point about the NTO was its ability to let the consumers... Read More

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DTH Mandatory Channel Increase Means Less Space for Consumer Favourites

The new Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) National Tariff Order has changed a lot of things. However, the change was so big that it was opposed by a lot of broadcasters and consumers as well. We continue to see the effects of the NTO and the revised version of this order, NTO 2.0, even now. Under this rule, the subscribers are first required to buy the channel “slots” from... Read More

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D2h Adds Sony TEN 4 SD Channel and More Ahead Of Tokyo Olympics

D2h is one of the most popular DTH providers in the country. When it comes to an affordable cost, attractive NCF offers and very attractive Set-Top Box prices, D2h is usually the go-to solution for a lot of subscribers. However, the subscribers of D2h had been requesting for some channels to be added to the list of available options in the channel a-la-carte list. Now it seems that D2h has... Read More

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Tata Sky Binge+ Is a Better Buying Option Over the HD Set-Top Box Because of These Reasons

Out of all the DTH operators in the country right now, Tata Sky seems to one of the most popular options when it comes to buying a new DTH connection. With the DTH industry going through some changes again and the new NTO 2.0 ruling by the courts, there is a possibility that you are looking to change your DTH operator. If Tata Sky is one of the options you... Read More

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Airtel Digital TV Raises Prices of Some Channel Packs, Long Term Subscription Still Good

Airtel Digital TV is one of the leading DTH providers in the country. Courtesy of the popularity of Bharti Airtel’s others offerings, such as the Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband service, and its postpaid plans, consumers find it easier to subscribe to these services under a single umbrella. However, this news might be a slight pinch to the customers of Airtel Digital TV as we have found the prices of some... Read More

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D2h Welcome Back Plan for Rs 249 Offering 3 Month Subscription With Pay Channels

After the National Tariff Order of last year, there was a lot of migration from one DTH platform to another courtesy of price reduction or attractive offers which various platforms were providing. While the pay channels were beyond discount for most DTH providers, but the NCF was something that could be tweaked as per the liking of the consumers. As a result, some popular DTH providers started offering heavy discounts... Read More

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Dish TV Keeps Tight Capex to Survive Pandemic Brunt, Lauds Watcho App Success

Dish TV finds its mention when we count the top ranks of the DTH players in the country. However, Dish TV is also sadly bearers of one of the most brutal financial beating due to the pandemic. It is one among the lot which has suffered due to the reduced disposable income of the people. With jobs being lost, the migration of people from one part of the country to... Read More

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TRAI Tariff Order Update: Why You Might Have to Pay More for Your DTH

The National Tariff Order, which arrived on the subscribers’ doorstep at the start of last year, brought a barrage of mixed reactions. If there was something after the beginning of the Set-Top-Box revolution, it was the NTO from TRAI which absolutely changed the way people were using DTH connections. The tariff order from TRAI changed the pricing of the channels, the base packs, and everything else. However, the TRAI order... Read More

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