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Apple India Sales Touch $8 Billion

Apple India has posted a record annual revenue of $8 billion, the most the company has ever done in a single year. This is a growth of 33% over the previous year's $6 billion. Apple is slowly shifting its manufacturing to India from China. The company also opened two flagship stores in the country in Mumbai and Delhi. According to Reuters, more than half of the sales in India came... Read More

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Apple Orders Periscope Lenses for iPhone 16 Pro Models, Here’s what it Means

Apple, a Cupertino tech giant, has ordered periscope lenses for iPhones 16 series in larger quantities and this ensured key suppliers to get more orders. Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO), Taiwanese lens module manufacturers, are going to be the key suppliers for Apple here. Apple also used the periscope lens with 5x optical zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro Max exclusively. This time around, according to a report... Read More

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Apple Talks About Privacy with Apple Intelligence: You will be in Control

Talks about privacy have flooded the internet as Apple Intelligence was announced, which also integrates ChatGPT into the system. Tech tycoon and billionaire Elon Musk said that he would not allow employees to use iPhones at his companies. He said, "It’s patently absurd that Apple isn’t smart enough to make their own AI, yet is somehow capable of ensuring that OpenAI will protect your security & privacy! Apple has no... Read More

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Apple Could Limit Advanced AI features of iOS 18 to iPhone 15 Pro Models: Report

Apple is soon going to announce the iOS 18 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 starting on June 10. The iOS 18 has kept many users at their feet because it is expected to come with AI (artificial intelligence) features. Now reports are making rounds online that the iOS 18 is only going to offer advanced AI features to the iPhone 15 Pro models and the upcoming iPhone... Read More

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iPhone 17 Slim Could be the Most Expensive Model in iPhone 17 Series: Report

Apple is not done with making its products thinner or slimmer. The Cupertino tech giant is reportedly working on a new iPhone 17 Slim model. This would be the first that an iPhone would come with a 'Slim' suffix ever (if it happens). Much recently, Apple came out with its thinnest iPad, which got a mixed reaction from the fans and the tech enthusiasts. Now the company is reportedly in... Read More

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iPhone 16 Pro to Feature a 20% Brighter Display: Report

Apple's iPhone 16 Pro is going to feature the brightest display Apple has ever used in any of its smartphones. The Cupertino tech giant launched the iPhone 15 Pro with support for 1000nits of typical brightness. But that will be topped by the iPhone 16 Pro, which is said to support 1200nits of typical brightness. This will be a good upgrade for customers who are mostly using their iPhones under... Read More

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iOS 18 Could Bring this Exciting AI Feature for Users

iPhone 16 is something Apple fans are looking forward to. However, the real tech enthusiasts know that much before the iPhone 16 series (expected to launch in September 2024), Apple will showcase iOS 18. The next-generation operating system (OS) from Apple for iPhones will be announced at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. This is the year for AI (artificial intelligence) to make its way onto phones. Apple... Read More

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Apple Posts Record Revenue in India Despite Slowdown in Global iPhone Sales

Apple, a US tech major, has posted record revenues in India during the March 2024 quarter. Even though the company's global revenues dipped 4% YoY, its business in India boomed. Declining iPhone sales (by 10% YoY) was the major reason for lower revenues. In India, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said that they saw double-digit growth during the March quarter. Cook said, "As you know, as I’ve said before, I... Read More

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Apple Could Take Help of OpenAI and Google to Deliver AI to iPhones

Apple, a major tech giant, renowned globally for selling iPhones, is also working to bring AI (artificial intelligence) powered features to its products. Many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have already integrated AI features into their devices, raising expectations for iPhone users to finally see some new AI features from Apple. But Apple is not likely going to create its own ChatGPT. The company, according to reports, is looking to take... Read More

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Samsung Overtakes Apple to Become World’s Largest Smartphone Vendor

Samsung has become the world’s largest smartphone vendor by shipping the most devices in Q1 2024. Preliminary data from IDC shows that iPhone shipments fell 9.6% YoY during the quarter, enabling Samsung to take the edge. While Samsung also saw a decline in shipments, the decline for Apple was much higher. For Samsung, the decline in smartphone shipments during the quarter was at 0.7% YoY to 60.1 million units. At... Read More

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Apple Planning to Infuse AI on its Mac with M4 Chips: Report

Apple, a global tech company, is planning to bring the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to its Macs with the introduction of M4 chips. The M3 silicon chip for Macs was announced by Apple in 2023 with the new MacBook Pro – 14 and 16-inch models. In March 2024, Apple brought the regular M3 chips for its MacBook Air 13 and 15-inch models. While Apple has already mentioned on its... Read More

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Apple Sending Alerts to iPhone Users for State-Sponsored Pegasus Attacks

Apple, a technology major, is sending iPhone users alerts when their devices are compromised with spyware. Posts on Reddit show that Apple is alerting users for attacks from state-sponsored attackers. In the alert, Apple is telling the users that they are being targeted probably because of who they are and what they do. Through this spyware, which is Pegasus, attackers may be able to remotely access sensitive data, communications, or... Read More

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