August 1st, 2022 2:12 PM 1 COMMENTS

Huawei, ZTE Struggling in Global Market Because of Security Concerns

Since the company's alleged cooperation with the Chinese government provoked demonstrations in numerous nations because of security concerns, China's telecom giant Huawei technologies has had the most difficult times in its international operations. Protests were spurred by Huawei's contentious ties to security agencies and the People's Liberation Army, particularly in nations that are either able to upgrade their telecommunications infrastructure on their own or that are close allies of the... Read More

July 20th, 2022 5:46 PM 0 COMMENTS

Huawei Announces New Cloud Solutions to Help Carriers Boost Growth

Huawei, a major telecom gear vendor, has announced its first suite of global scenario-based cloud solutions for carriers. The new solutions from Huawei are focused on monetising networks, innovating services, and optimising operations. The announcement was made during the summit keynote entitled Huawei Cloud: Enabling New Growth for Carriers. Chen Xuejun, who is the Director of Huawei Carrier IT Marketing & Solution Sales, made the announcement. With advancements in 5G,... Read More

July 11th, 2022 10:30 PM 0 COMMENTS

DoT Amends License for Telcos Which Will Make it Hard for Chinese Vendors in India

The Chinese telecom vendors have not had a good time in India in the last few years because of the tension between India and China. To keep its borders secure, India has decided not to include Chinese vendors in its trusted list of telecom gear vendors due to which, telcos can’t do business with Huawei and ZTE anymore. Earlier, the telcos were not allowed to issue fresh orders to companies... Read More

July 8th, 2022 12:58 PM 12 COMMENTS

Huawei, Vivo Now Under Strong Scrutiny from Indian Government

Huawei and Vivo, both Chinese firms, are under strong scrutiny from the Indian government. Both the companies have been accused of not paying the tax by using unlawful tactics. Vivo India has been accused of remitting Rs 62,746 crore to China. Out of the company’s total sales proceeds of Rs 1,25,185 crore, Vivo India has been accused of sending half of it back to mainly China. The Enforcement Directorate (ED)... Read More

June 10th, 2022 6:39 PM 0 COMMENTS

Huawei Still the Global Leader by a Long Margin in Total Telecom Equipment Market

Huawei, a Chinese telecom equipment company, is still the global leader when it comes to the total telecom equipment market. While the company’s market share is in the declining trend, it still has the kind of market share other vendors can only dream of for now. The data released by the Dell’Oro Group suggests that in the Total Telecom Equipment Market, ZTE, another Chinese vendor saw getting a good start... Read More

May 30th, 2022 8:28 AM 1 COMMENTS

Airtel Only Engaging With Huawei and ZTE for Maintenance Work

The Indian telcos are following the rules laid down by the government very strictly. This is the reason they are not engaging with the Chinese telecom gear vendors anymore. Huawei and ZTE, two companies which have been the regular technology partners for the Indian telcos for decades, are now being ignored by the telcos due to security concerns. A source told ET Telecom that Airtel, the second-largest telecom operator in... Read More

May 24th, 2022 6:24 PM 4 COMMENTS

Huawei and ZTE Have Been Executed Because of China’s Bad Image

Huawei and ZTE, two of the globally renowned telecom gear and technology providers, have had to suffer a lot of losses and missed opportunities because of being banned in multiple countries from doing business. While these companies are allowed to sell consumer products, they can’t do core telecom network business with the telecom service providers (TSPs) of many countries, including India, the US, and along with Europe. Much recently, even... Read More

March 28th, 2022 4:17 PM 0 COMMENTS

Huawei Net Profits Reach Record Levels for 2021 Despite Losing Business

Huawei, a Chinese telecom gear company, has reported that its profits for 2021 have touched a record high despite being out of fresh contracts from countries such as the United States (US), India, and more. Be it European nations, India or the US; the company is not welcomed for fresh 4G expansion contracts for 5G gear. It all started with the US and China trade and technology standoff. Donald Trump,... Read More

March 11th, 2022 5:17 PM 0 COMMENTS

Vodafone Idea Talking With Nokia to Replace Huawei 4G Gear: Report

Vodafone Idea (Vi), one of the major telecom operators in the country, is reportedly in talks with Nokia, a Finnish telecom gear vendor, to replace Huawei 4G gear from its networks. Nokia might replace Huawei’s 4G gear in some parts of the country. It will be one of the biggest swap deals for Nokia in India. Nokia Might Deploy 12,000 5G Ready Sites, 4,000 Small Cells for Vi in Capital... Read More

March 3rd, 2022 8:41 PM 0 COMMENTS

Huawei Suspected of Tax Evasion in India

The Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei has been accused of manipulating account books to reduce its taxable income in the country. The accusation comes in after an Indian tax investigation into China’s Huawei Technologies. According to a report from Reuters, India’s Finance Ministry, without naming any particular company said a major telecoms group did not account for the income of Rs 4 billion which is about $52 million in its... Read More

March 2nd, 2022 9:49 AM 0 COMMENTS

Huawei Confident for Business in Indian Market

Huawei is confident in doing long-term business in India. The company has a long-term outlook towards the country and isn’t perplexed or defeated looking at what’s happening currently. For context, India is not allowing Chinese telecom vendors to become a part of the future infrastructure of connectivity. The government has communicated with the telcos to avoid awarding any new contracts to the Chinese telecom vendors such as Huawei and ZTE.... Read More

February 14th, 2022 12:35 PM 0 COMMENTS

Huawei Focused on Building Culture of R&D in India: Rishi Gupta, VP, Consumer Business

At a time when the world is reeling under acute semiconductor shortage, we believe the latest initiative and policies introduced by the Government will ensure India’s place in the global map of hi-tech production hubs. Electronics plays an important role in everyday life, and semiconductor chips form a crucial part of electronics, Rishi Kishore Gupta, Vice President, Consumer Business Group, Huawei India, told TelecomTalk. Q1. How was Huawei India's performance... Read More

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