STT GDC India to Get Renewable Energy for Data Centers from O2 Power

ST Telemedia Global Data Centres has partnered with O2 Renewable Energy to secure a sustainable source of energy through a captive arrangement. This clean energy will fuel the Bengaluru facility of STT GDC India in Karnataka.


  • O2 Power will supply renewable energy from its Wind-Solar Hybrid (WSH) project of 201.1 MWac in Karnataka.
  • This commitment to using renewable energy is one of the largest among data center operators in the country, with STT GDC India operating 21 facilities across 9 cities.
  • STT GDC India plans to prioritize the use of renewable energy to support its continued growth.

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STT GDC India to Get Renewable Energy for Data Centers from O2 Power

ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC India) announced a partnership with O2 Renewable Energy (IV), a subsidiary of O2 Energy in Singapore, to secure renewable energy through a captive arrangement. This renewable energy source will power STT GDC India's Bengaluru facility in Karnataka. As Data centers play a critical role in today's digital world, the need to power Data Centers through renewable energy sources also becomes vital, and this move is in a direction towards the same.

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Announcing the partnership, Sumit Mukhija, CEO at STT GDC India, said, "Environment, Social and Governance are at the core of whatever we do as we continue to contribute towards achieving inclusive and responsible growth. From designing and constructing green buildings to tapping renewable energy and implementing innovative and efficient cooling technologies in our data centres, sustainability remains an imperative as we grow and expand."

"We firmly believe that sustainability is a responsibility that we share with our partners, customers and government and will work closely with these stakeholders as we strive to achieve carbon-neutral data centre operations across our facilities in India by 2030."

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"This partnership with O2 Power, one of India's leading renewable energy platforms, further demonstrates our resolve in adopting and promoting sustainable best practices in our facilities and steering the overall sector in the same direction. We are also actively collaborating with regulators, government and energy generation firms and exploring opportunities and frameworks eventually achieve carbon-neutral data centre operations across our facilities in India by 2030," said Sumit.

Rakesh Garg, co-founder and head of wind vertical, O2 Power, said: "STT GDC India is a prestigious client in O2 Power's growing C&I portfolio. This strengthens customer confidence in our execution and delivery capabilities. O2 Power is geared towards making green and clean power available to businesses across scale, size and segment."

ESG Strategy

STT GDC India, in line with its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy, has committed to running carbon-neutral data centers by 2030. As part of its sustainability efforts, the company presently sources about 36% of its total energy consumption for all its facilities from renewable sources, making it one of the largest consumers of renewable energy among data center operators in India.

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Sustainability Goals

Intending to reduce its carbon footprint, STT GDC India projects a yearly decrease of over 380,000 tons of CO2 emissions by 2026 through the implementation of efficient practices and collaborations with renewable energy providers, including O2 Power. This decrease is equivalent to removing the equivalent carbon output of 25,000 passenger vehicles from the road in one year. In addition, the company aims to increase the proportion of renewable energy used in its facilities to over 60% in the next four years.

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