SSTL Files Review Petition Before The Supreme Court

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MTS Files Review Petition Before The Supreme CourtSSTL India today announced that it has filed a review petition before the Supreme Court.SSTL cites that the Supreme Court in its judgment has not considered several relevant submissions made by SSTL which were specific and unique to its case.

The review petition filed is in response to Supreme Court’s judgment dated 2nd February quashing 21 telecom licenses of the company.

SSTL further cites that it is being unfairly penalized for acting in good faith and in reliance on the appropriateness of the procedures established by India’s telecommunications authorities.

Vsevolod Rozanov, President & CEO, SSTL cites "We believe that SSTL’s case being a CDMA operator is different, when compared to other affected mobile operators. It is pertinent to note that SSTL was the only operator to have applied for a Pan India CDMA spectrum in 2008.

There is no finding or suggestion by the CAG report that CDMA spectrum was equally or anywhere near in demand as GSM. Even now, our company continues to be the only pure play CDMA operator in the country. In light of our commitment to continue our Pan-Indian operations and to protect the interest of more than 15 million customers and our investments, we have filed for a review of the said judgment before the Honorable Supreme Court.

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