Spice Mobile Radio is an exclusive and dedicated pocket FM Radio facility on IVR number 50505. Listen to full songs without any commercials.Access this Smart Music Station by simply dialing 50505.The channels / stations which will be available in Mobile Radio are:
Latest Numbers
Old melodies
Sufiana songs
Kannada / South Special
Devotional Hymns

Features & Benefits :

Simple to use, Just dial the Smart Music Station number 50505 from your mobile and listen to songs
anytime and from anywhere.

You can listen full songs of your choice.

Change music whenever you want.
E.g. If you are listening Top 10 songs and you feel you want to go to Kannada Spl then simply press ‘*’ and you will be back on the main menu to select the category of your choice.

100% music only: No commercials just pure songs

SMS notification after each call on minutes of usage

Charges :

Following are the charges to use Spice Mobile Radio services, for both Pre and Post paid subscribers.

You pay Rs.99/month with 500 minutes of free music
No extra charges for dialing 50505 IVR number

Note : Spice Mobile Radio will only work within the limits of Karnataka.

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April 15, 2014 7:14 pm 7:14 PM

First post of TT. This is where all things started from? We have come a long way in more than 5 years. Not only technology grew, this blog also grew immensely. 🙂

September 14, 2009 12:39 am 12:39 AM

when u come to ODISHA we are wating for u….coom soon