Smartphone Usage Up by 120% in India During the Pandemic

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Smartphones have become more than just a gadget to play games, watch movies, or talk to someone. They have become a primary tool for many to conduct their businesses and earn a livelihood. Now according to a survey on Mobile Industry Consumer Insights (MICI) conducted by CyberMedia Research (CMR) with TECNO Mobile, there was a 120% surge in the usage of smartphones in India as when compared to the usage before the lockdown was implemented. The survey gives an understanding of the way a person is behaving with their smartphone on an average basis during the pandemic.

Smartphone Usage for Work Grew By More than 100% During Lockdown

The lockdown was implemented on March 25 and was extended until May 31. During that period, there was a 100% surge in usage of smartphone for work purposes alone. Online video content is being consumed at an all-time high rate in India. According to the stats, 83% of consumers used their smartphone for not only consuming online video content but also make short-form videos.

The same 83% of people use their smartphones for paying bills online and online banking as it makes them feel empowered. One of the most interesting stat that came up in the survey was that 3 out of every 7 Indians started a new hobby or activity with the help of their smartphones. Not only that, but 1 out of every 3 Indian parents relied on their smartphone for helping their kids learn online.

According to the stats, June onwards, the three features of a smartphone that people were relying on the most are - camera (61%), battery life (51%), and sound quality (51%). When thinking about their next smartphone, users have reflected that they want a longer battery life (54%) and with that a large screen size as well (53%).

People are also using their smartphones for watching OTT content, 70% of users use their smartphones for consuming OTT video, 60% for consuming OTT audio. Demand for online gaming has increased with the time as well and according to a stat, 62% of users are using their smartphone for online gaming.

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