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iPhone 13 Price Drops Further in India

iPhone 13, the flagship smartphone series from Apple for 2022, has received another price cut. E-commerce retail giants Amazon is offering the iPhone 13 for a very low price compared to what users will get on the official Apple online store in India. Even Flipkart is offering a discount, but not to the extent that users will get when they shop from Amazon. iPhone 13 Price in India Right Now... Read More

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Galaxy S22 Series Value Depreciates 3x Faster than iPhone 13 Series: Report

One of the biggest advantages of owning an iPhone is that its resale value is much better than any smartphone in the market. In 2022, Samsung Galaxy S22 and the iPhone 13 series are looked at as the top flagship devices. But when it comes to resale, the iPhone 13 series retains better value while the Galaxy S22 series depreciates 3x faster than the iPhone 13 series in value. Not... Read More

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iPhone 13 Base Price Has Now Been Reduced by Rs 9000 Since Launch

The iPhone 13 base variant, which started at Rs 79,900, is now Rs 9,000 more affordable for users in India. Apple hasn’t officially reduced the price of the device on its online store for the country, but the discount is available on Amazon India. Unlike the iPhone 12’s base variant, which comes with 64GB of internal storage, the iPhone 13 comes with 128GB of internal storage (base variant). It has... Read More

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iPhone 13 Price Gets Reduced Further in India

The iPhone 13 series was launched in India back in September 2021. Since then, the iPhone 13 has received multiple price cuts. The price of the iPhone 13 has been reduced by another Rs 2000 in India on Amazon. If you have been thinking of getting the latest iPhone 13, this is your best chance. Not just this, but there are also bank offers that will reduce the price of... Read More

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iPhone 13 Manufacturing Begins in India: Report

Apple has started manufacturing the iPhone 13 series in India. The Cupertino tech giant is manufacturing the iPhone 13 series devices in a Foxconn plant near Chennai. Foxconn is a contract manufacturing partner of Apple. India is the world’s second-largest smartphone market, and with this move, Apple is solidifying its stance and presence in the country. The iPhone 13 series is Apple’s latest flagship smartphone series which launched back in... Read More

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iPhone 13 With a Price Cut and Bank Discount Is an Amazing Buy

The iPhone 13 is currently available at a discount in India. It has been more than six months since the smartphone arrived on the market. In a matter of another six months, we might see the iPhone 14 series arriving in India and the global markets. Right now, there’s a pretty big discount available on the iPhone 13 series. If you have ever wanted an iPhone 13 smartphone for yourself,... Read More

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iPhone 13 mini Is the Most Powerful Compact Smartphone in India Right Now

Apple’s iPhone 13 series probably had the last ‘mini’ device users are going to see for a long-time. There’s no confirmation about the absence of the iPhone 14 mini, but there are a lot of rumours and hints from credible sources that say this time Apple’s going with all the big-sized iPhones. However, if in 2022 you are looking for a powerful and compact smartphone, the iPhone 13 mini could... Read More

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Apple Plans to Resume iPhone 13 Production at Foxconn Plant in April

The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple is gearing up to resume production at its Foxconn Chennai plant. A new report suggests that Apple is planning to begin the production of its iPhone 13 series handsets at the Sriperumbudur plant near Chennai in April. The manufactured devices will be used for both local as well as export purposes. The production was scheduled to begin back in January but Apple had to put... Read More

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Apple May Launch a New Green Colour iPhone 13 at the Spring Event

Apple’s spring event is all set to commence today that is March 8 at 11:30 PM IST and the Cupertino-based tech giant is gearing up to introduce multiple products expanding its portfolio. The event is expected to witness the launch of a new affordable iPhone along with a new iPad Air, a new Mac mini, a Mac Studio, a Studio Display, and a MacBook Air. But a new report suggests... Read More

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iPhone 13 Gets a Price Cut in India

Apple’s flagship device iPhone 13 has received a price cut in India. The price cut isn’t implemented in the official Apple India online store, but in Amazon India. The base iPhone 13 mini is still selling at the price it launched at, but the vanilla iPhone 13 has received a price cut. The base model of the iPhone 13 which launched for Rs 79,900 is now available for Rs 74,900.... Read More

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Missing iPhone 13 Noise Cancellation Is Not a Hardware or iOS 15 Glitch

There were widespread complaints from Apple iPhone 13 users about the lack of a noise cancellation feature for phone calls on iPhone 13. While people attributed the issue to a possible bug, Apple finally confirmed that it was a deliberate removal of the feature. However, the reason for removing noise cancellation on Apple iPhone 13 is not known. The issue started almost a month back when a Reddit user complaint... Read More

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iPhone 12 Now a Better Value Deal Than the iPhone 13

If you are after the high refresh rate, then the iPhone 13 Pro is the best buy for you because the iPhone 12 Pro can’t deliver that. However, if you are looking for a smartphone in the lower range than the Pro models, the iPhone 12 is a better value deal than the iPhone 13 today. The iPhone 13 series starts at Rs 69,990 for the mini variant with 128GB... Read More

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