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5G Concerns of FAA See Verizon, AT&T Delaying C-Band Services

Back on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had issued a bulletin warning the manufacturers, pilots, operators, that 5G can cause interference with the sensitive aircraft electronics. Now, according to a Reuters report, the FAA and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are closely coordinating around the same issue to ensure that the United States (US) is safe for flights in the 5G era and is also in speed with the... Read More

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Verizon Play More Unlimited Plan Offers 50GB of 5G Data for $80

Verizon has successfully placed itself as the premium telecommunications operator in the USA. The company offers multiple unlimited 5G plans to the users. One of the plans from the company knowns as ‘Play More Unlimited’ offers users 50GB of 5G data for a monthly charge of $80. It is a prepaid plan, and users are also entitled to get more benefits with this plan. Note that this is the cost... Read More

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Verizon Start Unlimited Plan Better Option Than Essentials from T-Mobile

Verizon and T-Mobile are two of the biggest telecom operators in the USA. Both the companies have quite similar prepaid offerings where Verizon’s services come across as slightly more premium than T-Mobile’s because of the price of the plans. The ‘Start Unlimited’ plan from Verizon and the Essentials plan from T-Mobile are quite similar, and their pricing varies marginally. The speciality of both the plans is that both of them... Read More

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Verizon Charges Whopping $70 for Base 5G Unlimited Plan

If you think you are paying more for a top-line 4G plan in India from Vodafone Idea or Bharti Airtel, think again. Verizon, one of the top telecom operators in the USA charges users a whopping $70 per month for offering an unlimited 5G plan. To save you the hassle of conversion, $70 would mean Rs 5,220 approximately. Even for a 5G plan with unlimited data and multiple benefits, this... Read More

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Verizon New Hotspot Plans Offer 5G and 4G LTE Connectivity

Verizon is one of the largest telecom operators in the United States (U.S.) market. The company has brought in new mobile hotspot plans for users. Now there are four options for the users to choose from. The plans start from $20, offering up to 15GB of data and range to $80 where the user gets 150GB of data. These plans offer standalone as well as unlimited plan add-on mobile hotspot... Read More

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T-Mobile Beats Verizon, AT&T to Offer Best 5G Services

T-Mobile, one of the prominent telecom operators of the United States (U.S.), has become the best 5G network service provider in the country. Beating the likes of Verizon and AT&T, T-Mobile has been recognised as the most reliable 5G network services provider in the U.S. The test results have been shared by umlaut, a global consultancy company and leader in mobile benchmarking and network testing. T-Mobile Offers Most Reliable 5G... Read More

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Verizon Says 20% Users Already Own 5G Smartphones

While there are 5G networks already live in the United States (US), the technology is still in its early stages. Only a handful number of people in the country consume 5G services, the majority of the users are still on 4G networks. Verizon said that its financial performance for the rest of the year should be better. This should happen on the back of the increasing 5G adoption rate and... Read More

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Verizon 5G Business Internet Customers Get $1,500 Advantage on Moving to Service With 10 Year Price Lock-In

Verizon, a prominent name in the North American telecom business has been doubling down on its 5G Business Internet service. The telecom company has announced that the 5G Business Internet service, which is an enterprise-level wireless internet service for companies is now available across 42 cities in the USA. Previously, Verizon had launched this service only in 24 cities across the country. It’s worth noting that 5G Business Internet is... Read More

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Ericsson to Provide Verizon With 5G Telecom Equipment Under $8.3 Billion Deal

Verizon has been making many leaps and bounds in the USA 5G network development scenario. The company had recently announced the launch of an expanded 4G network alongside a 5G network in many places in the country. In a new development, Verizon has now signed a hefty $8.3 billion contract with Ericsson to deploy 5G in a more intense and faster manner. Niklas Heuveldop, President and Head of Ericsson North... Read More

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Verizon Starts Rolling Out 5G Services And Internet Gateway Router With 1 Gbps Speed

Verizon, one of the most prominent telecom companies in the USA, has started rolling out 5G services to its customers in multiple cities. It is worth noting that this is not the first time Verizon is rolling out these services. While the Indian telecom industry drags under the burden of spectrum auction dues and ailing tariff prices, companies across the world are rolling out 5G services already. In this latest... Read More

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Verizon Showcases 5G Connected Bots at MWC 2021

Telecom giant Verizon on Monday during the Mobile World Conference showcased two of its robots on the stage, with the company stating that both bots were using 5G connectivity and mobile edge computing to communicate with one another. In case you were perplexed, edge computing refers to the use of AR (Augmented Reality) and ML (Machine Learning) so as to analyse data gathered and needs fast data transfers, something only... Read More

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5G Deals with Verizon and Telefonica Broadened by IBM

The next-generation mobile network technology, that is, 5G, is booming all over the world at its own pace. Apart from the mobile network itself, many big technology companies offer 5G related services to telecom operators. Telecom operators like Verizon and Telefonica will be offered new services by IBM under its plan to broaden 5G deals, ranging from running 5G over a cloud platform to using artificial intelligence. 5G Networks Are... Read More

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