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Google Chrome Extensions You Must Check Out Right Now

When it comes to browsers, Google Chrome definitely has plenty of features that users can engage with and have an enhanced experience. Chrome offers a dedicated Web Store using which users can install a wide range of extensions and plugins that enriches their browsing experience. For anybody who is interested in knowing about these extensions or someone just looking to explore, Google has released a list of its favourite web... Read More

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Airtel Postpaid Plans That Offers Google Workspace and More

Bharti Airtel has a corporate arm called Airtel Business. The sole purpose of Airtel Business is to create and offer services that fulfil the needs of enterprises. Airtel offers postpaid plans that are made to suit the needs of corporate employees. There are three Airtel postpaid plans that offer Google Workspace along with other benefits. These plans are not over the top expensive, but they provide decent value to employees... Read More

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Pixel 6a Might Use Google Tensor Chip

Earlier this year, Google teased the Pixel 6 series of smartphones. Last month, the company launched the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and now it is reportedly prepping an affordable variant in the series called Pixel 6a. Going by the previous report, the new smartphone from the Mountain View-based tech giant could arrive with mid-tier specifications. Recently, we came across the leaked renders of the device, revealing what we... Read More

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Google Assistant, Search, Google Pay Rolling India Exclusive Features

At the recently held seventh edition of the Google for India conference, Google announced an array of features for its products. The special thing about these features for its select products is that they will be exclusive to India. We are talking about Google products including Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Pay. To know more about these features, keep reading ahead. Google Assistant for Cowin vaccine booking Google Assistant... Read More

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Google Chrome’s Newly Released Beta Version Gets Important Privacy Update

The past week marked the launch of Chrome 96 by Google and the company also released the Chrome 97 Beta version along with the former. The newly released Beta version has seen an upgrade in Privacy and Security settings in regards to the user data a particular site can hold. This new update basically allows user to delete all their personal data from a certain website. This gives users much... Read More

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Google Chrome to Rollout Privacy Guide Feature for Android Devices

Recently, Google Chrome started testing a new feature called Privacy Review on the desktop version of its browser. Now, it is reported that the company is gearing up to bring this feature to Android devices as well. Notably, the Privacy Guide describes various privacy controls to users in basic terms and tells how these controls affect the browsing experience. As per Techdows, there are a couple of toggles within this... Read More

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Google Maps Reaches a Milestone of 10 Billion Downloads

There are quite a few mapping services that are available for free and match the accuracy level and features offered by Google Maps. Irrespective of the mobile OS you are using, Google Maps is one of the best services that you need to have. As per a report by Android Police, recently, it has joined the elite club of apps that have reached a milestone of 10 billion downloads including... Read More

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Android 12L to be Compatible with Google Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL

Earlier, Google had announced the launch of Android 12L which would become the latest operating system specially designed to be compatible with large screen devices such as tablets, foldable smartphones, rollable smartphones, and ChromeOS-powered devices. Even though it will be designed to be compatible with such devices, the devices which are compatible with Android 12 OS currently will see Android 12L as an incremental upgrade. However, what’s center of attraction... Read More

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Google to Mandate Two-Step Verification from November 9

The Two-Step verification (2-factor authentication), which was announced to be mandated by Google before the end of 2021, now has a finalised date. Every time a user logs into the Google account, a verification e-mail or an SMS will be sent. This process is designed to protect the personal data of users by providing an extra layer of security. This method is supposed to protect the user accounts from the... Read More

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Google Pixel 3 Series Misses Out on Software Updates Support

Google is best known to have provided the maximum number of Android version upgrades for its Pixel smartphones. Besides this, the Pixel smartphones get the most extended security update support. However, the good things are coming to an end and the Google Pixel 3 series is also nearing its end. It has been officially considered to be the end-of-life and will not receive any Android as well as security updates.... Read More

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Google Tensor Chip Might See a Second Generation Upgrade Next Year

Google recently launched the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro handsets with tensor mobile SoC, and now a report has claimed that Google is working on a second-generation tensor SoC which will be likely to be shipped with the Pixel 7 series. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have formally launched and are introduced with Google’s new line of Tensor chips. Created with the help of Samsung, the Google... Read More

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Oppo Might Pull Off an Apple, Google Move

Oppo is a global smartphone brand with a presence in huge markets such as Australia, the UK, the USA, India, China, and more. Because of the chipset shortage, smartphone vendors had to face rising manufacturing costs as system-on-chipsets (SoCs) became expensive. At the same time, relying on Qualcomm or MediaTek pushes the smartphone vendors to create a device that is complimentary to the chipset rather than the other way around.... Read More

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