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Airtel Black Plans with Netflix

Bharti Airtel has several plans under the Airtel Black service, and along with this, the customers can also make custom plans as per their needs. But there are two plans which offer Netflix as well. Now Netflix, as an additional benefit, stands out for almost every customer because of the expensive nature of its standalone subscription. Airtel Black is a bundled service from Bharti Airtel and promises a very convenient... Read More

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Airtel Black is the Ultimate Strategy of Airtel to Boost Revenues

Bharti Airtel, India's second-largest telecom operator, strategically launched Airtel Black service for customers in 2021. The service is meant to deliver everything a customer wants under a single bill. The major advantage of this for a customer would be to pay a single bill for several services. However, for Airtel, the major advantage is that the customer gets engaged in the ecosystem of its services. Airtel Black service ensures that... Read More

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3 Reasons Why Airtel Black is the Innovative Service You Need

We are moving to a world of digital services and digital content consumption. In India, Airtel is now in a privileged position to make the lives of several hundred million customers easy through its varied services. Airtel Black, an innovative bundled service announced by Bharti Airtel is what you need in case you have multiple services of Airtel. Airtel has three primary products that it is largely known for -... Read More

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How Airtel Black Plans Uniquely Serve Consumer Needs of DTH, Mobile and Fiber Together

Bharti Airtel offers Mobile Connectivity, DTH (Direct to Home), and Fiber broadband services to customers. Customers need Mobility, DTH and Fiber services in homes these days to cater to their digital needs. Airtel has probably seen an opportunity to improve the consumer experience while offering all three modes of services which involved multiple billing cycles, plans and the hassle for customers in maintaining these services from different providers. To solve... Read More

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Airtel Black Plan that Offers Most Benefits

Bharti Airtel, the second-largest telecom player in India offers a service called Airtel Black. Under Airtel Black, customers have the option to choose from several services all for a single bill. This eradicates the need for paying several bills for different services. Airtel offers DTH (direct-to-home), mobile (prepaid and postpaid), and fixed-broadband services. You can get it all if you go for the most expensive Airtel Black plan. Well, you... Read More

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Airtel Black Plan that Offers Broadband and DTH Services Under Rs 700

Bharti Airtel, the second-largest telecom operator in India, offers a bundled service called Airtel Black. With Airtel Black, Airtel is not only creating value for its business by locking the customers in its ecosystem but is also adding a lot of value to its customers' lives. The most affordable Airtel Black plan that's listed on the website of the telco offers both fiber broadband as well as DTH (Direct-to-Home) services... Read More

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Airtel Black Only Plan that Comes With Netflix

Bharti Airtel offers consumers a bundled service called Airtel Black. The purpose of this service is to offer everything that a consumer can take from Airtel under a single package with a single bill. This brings convenience to the feet of the consumers as they don’t need to pay separate bills for different services such as broadband, mobile, and DTH (Direct-to-Home) service. Today, we are going to look at an... Read More

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Airtel Black – Two New Plans Introduced with Xstream Fiber, DTH and OTT Subscriptions

The telecom giant Airtel has introduced two new plans for the users of its Airtel Black services. The two newly launched plans have been priced at Rs 699 and Rs 1,599 and include access to Airtel Xstream Fiber, Landline and Airtel Digital TV services. The plans also include free subscriptions to some of the popular OTT platforms. Let’s take a look at the two latest plans launched by the company... Read More

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Airtel Brings New Rs 1099 Airtel Black Plan

Bharti Airtel has introduced a new Airtel Black plan for the users which will cost Rs 1,099 (excluding GST). The unique thing about this plan is no postpaid connection. When Airtel Black was announced, all the plans that were offered by the telco had a postpaid connection. It was mandatory to become a postpaid user of Airtel before applying for an Airtel Black plan. But with the Rs 1,099 plan,... Read More

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Bharti Airtel Set for a Strong Future With Airtel Black

Bharti Airtel, the second-largest telecom operator, is set for a strong future. The Q3 FY22 results seem only to be a trailer. The confidence that the telco’s board has in future performance is evident from the approval of a $1 billion (Rs 7500 crore approx) fundraise via debt instruments. The thing that’s worth considering here is that the average revenue per user (ARPU) jump that came during the quarter is... Read More

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Airtel Black Is Not About Affordability, But Quality Experience

Bharti Airtel has been very careful about its branding and the message that it is sending to its customers. The telco has never focused on being only ‘affordable’ at the cost of experience. Airtel launched its new service named Airtel Black a few months back in India. Airtel Black is a bundled service from Bharti Airtel wherein the customers can combine up to three services from the telco, including Direct-to-Home... Read More

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Airtel Black Most Affordable Plan You Should Know About

A few months back, Bharti Airtel introduced India with a new bundled service called ‘Airtel Black’. In simple words, Airtel Black is a service model where Airtel combines multiple services that it provides, including Direct-to-Home (DTH), broadband, and postpaid mobile, into a single plan for the users. This saves users a lot of time into buying multiple services and also allows them to pay for everything under a single bill.... Read More

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