Save Some Fast Bucks By Activating STVs Through SMS From BSNL

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Save Some Fast Bucks By Activating STVs Through SMS From BSNLAs we have already mentioned in our previous post about BSNL’s innovation of activating STVs through SMS.

Now in this exclusive post we will highlight its advantage that this process will actually save you some quick money. BSNL had started a self care STV (Special Tariff Voucher) service a month ago in which a customer willing to activate different plans can activate it through SMS and balance get deducts from their main account.

Though all operators are offering activation of various special packs through SMS/USSD but there is something special about BSNL recharge through SMS service.

BSNL charges for the STV excluding the service tax of 10.3% + Education cess. What it means is if a customer activate SMS pack of Rs.13 which offers all local+national SMS @1p he/she will be charged Rs.11.60 and not Rs.13 like when he recharges from dealer/market.

This is applicable to all the offers either it be 2G packs or 3G packs or SMS packs or STD/ISD/Local Packs or Migration vouchers.

Benefits of recharging of STVs on self-care basis:-

1. BSNL customer can recharge STVs in prepaid connection through your account balance itself.

This facility can be availed through BSNL self care by sending SMS to 52244.

2. There is no need to remember which STV is eligible for the subscriber‘s service class.

3. There is no need to go retailer for recharging STVs.


STEP 1: Subscriber has to send SMS to 52244(Toll free).The eligible STVs to the Exiting service class of the, subscriber along with the price point, description of the STVs will be displayed on the subscriber mobile.

STEP 2: To Select the Plan Send Reply SMS 1 or 2 or 3…… according to your choice of STV.

STEP 3: Amount of STV (without service tax) will be deducted from the subscriber main account.

For example for STV -45, which cost Rs.45 in the market, deduction from the main account balance will
be .Rs.45/1.103 i.e. Rs.40.80 after successful recharge, a confirmation message will be sent to the subscriber.


1. In case of insufficient balance, a message regarding to insufficient balance will be sent to the subscriber immediately.

2. In order to avoid duplicity of recharge of same STV, a care has been taken that subscriber can recharge the same

STV only once on the same day even if he send SMS more than once.

3. To Get maximum advantage go for higher denomination recharges like..Rs 5500 in which you get talk time of Rs 6000 and validity of 450 Days and use this balance to recharge your choice of STVs.

Inputs Saurabh Mendiratta (Independent Analyst, Capital Markets)

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