San’s Guide To BSNL Broadband

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Sans Guide To BSNL BroadbandIn recent years there has been a drastic change in India as a country, and especially in the Telecom sector there were many ups and downs in the economy but this sector seems to beat all odds and has emerged as a strong contender in the market.

So why not broadband? Well that’s exactly what my point is: India’s broadband market too has gone through a drastic makeover a recent study shows people in India are now more open to e-resources than any counterparts.

With free stuff available on the internet, people’s hunger for e-stuff has seen a drastic change from downloading music to movies and from ebooks to free software, it seems people in India are one step ahead.

People of all ages have access to the internet, be it from their home or from a cyber-cafe. In this age of globalization people’s amenities have also increased. Now people are more attached to the Internet just as they are to their mobile phones. Every day India registers new broadband connections and a recent study reveals that people prefer using the Internet more from their home than from cafes. On an average, a person spends not less than 2 hours a day on internet surfing, downloading, chatting, making online friends, etc. And with social networking sites bombarding the market, the use of internet services has increased by leaps and bounds.

Well today BSNL, our very government owned telecom service provider, has been serving broadband services under the banner of ‘Dataone” (which has been lately changed to ‘BSNL Broadband’) and is believed to be the cheapest broadband service. With increased customers there rises a good chance of facing problems regarding broadband connections. Sometimes errors do pop up in between your daily work schedule and it does annoy us. So I will be highlighting some of the common error that might come up while using BSNL’s broadband services and how to resolve the matters in no time.

Trouble shooting in Broadband (Dataone)

Problem  Error-678

Description  This is most common problem. It is due to poor connectivity. Problem can be anywhere between B.RAS - Tier 2 - DSLAM - Modem - PC of the customer.

Remedy  Switch off / Switch on Modem (Power Switch at the back of modem ) and wait for 2 minutes. Then retry.

If problem is not solved then Reset Modem [Back pin (in the hole) to be pressed in switched ON condition]

[Note : Link PC in black type Modem or WAN / LAN in white type Modem will go Off and then ON and system may be stable. Then retry.

If problem is still not solved then

a)Check link lamp in Black type Modem or WAN lamp in White Modem. If it is blinking, then it is line problem.

b)Check Modem to splitter connectivity.

i) Jack in & Jack out the cable of / to the modem and to the splitter

ii)Jack in & Jack out the telephone connection of the splitter.

If lamp is still blinking - then it is due to poor line condition / fault.

The case has to be referred to Area Broadband Team for attending the fault.

Problem  Error-691
Description  User id and Password problem.
Remedy  The case is to be referred to Central Broadband Team (08.00 AM to 08.00 PM). Central Broadband Team will reset the password and intimate that password has been reset.

Problem  Error-769
Description  LAN not enabled.

The LAN Card has to be enabled by following the steps given below.
i)Go to Desktop.
ii)Click "My Network Place".
iii)Select Properties.
iv)Click "Enable the local network".

Problem  Error- 797
Description  Modem or LAN driver problem
Remedy  Reset the Modem (in on condition ) by pressing button available in the backside hole of the modem and wait for 2 mintues and then log on. If the problem is not solved then call your vendor to check computer LAN Card driver.

Problem  Error-718
Description  i)Peak Hour - This problem occurs if loading is high on the system and number of customers exceed the call handling capacity of B.RAS.
ii)Slack Hour -This problem occurs if PPPoE is corrupted.
Remedy  i)Peak Hour - Please try after some time.
ii)Slack Hour - Please load PPPoE again.

Problem  Error - 630-633
Description  Computer LAN Card problem.
Remedy  LAN Card has to be changed.

Problem  OSP Internet is working, Data One is not working
Description  Cable Internet is working. Tata / Reliance is working but Data One is not working. Data One is working through LAN Card. Problem can be seen by observing PC lamp (in black modem) LAN lamp ( in white modem) which might not be glowing or may be blinking.
Remedy  LAN Card has to be changed.

Problem  Site not opening from Data One
Description  From VSNL sites are opening, Dial-Up sites are opening but from Data One sites are not opening. Probable reasons
i)Internet explorer is not supporting the Pope (may be pirated OS).
ii)Virus corrupting Internet explorer.
Remedy  The customer is requested to set it right.

Problem  BSNL BB DNS server may be having problem.
Description  DNS is not responding.
Remedy  Ping- or and check up whether DNS is responding.

Broadband Utilities
To see usage details  Log in to Broadband, Go to or
Click on Service Record. Details of the current month usage and previous month will be shown.

To change password  Log in to Broadband, Go to or
Click on 'change password', give 'Old password', 'New password' and confirm. Password will be changed.

Trouble shooting of Broadband Modems
White Modem
After switch ON wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get the modem stable.
If telephone line / dial tone problem, contact '198'.
If Broadband / Internet not working, contact '1800-424-1600'.

Lamp features
i)Power - ON - Red
ii)WAN -Yellow
when stable  OK
when blinking  Data transfer
when not stable  Line is faulty
iii) LAN - Green
when stable  OK
when blinking fast  Data transfer
when blinking slow  Modem to PC link problem
iv)PPPoE - No use.
Reset pin is at backside Hole - to be reset whenever required in ON condition of the modem.

Black Modem
After switch ON wait for 1to 2 minutes to get the modem stable.
If telephone line / dial tone problem, contact '198'.
If Broadband / Internet not working, contact '1800-424-1600'.

Lamp features
i)Power - ON - Red
ii)WAN -Yellow
when stable  line is OK
when blinking  slow, line trouble.
iii)PC - Green when stable OK
PC - Off- PC not connected
iv)Data - Green - Flashing - Data transfer

Reset pin is at backside Hole - to be reset whenever required in ON condition of the modem.

Well I guess I was able to highlight some of the issues and hope it might help out people resolving the their broadband problems.


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