Samsung Jinxed? Sued for another battery explosion and it is not for Galaxy Note 7

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Things are just not going right for Samsung. The company was already struggling with battery issues in its latest flagship - the Galaxy Note7, and now a third-degree burn case has been reported and this time it is not the Galaxy Note7 but Galaxy S7 edge. A user has reported the explosion of his S7 edge in his pocket, which caused him severe third-degree burns.

Galaxy S7 edge battery explosion

It is noteworthy to mention that the incident took place on May 30 (before the launch of Note7), but has come under media scanner now. Sighting the incident, attorneys have filed a product liability lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Ramirez against Samsung. It is the first lawsuit to be filed over a Galaxy smartphone battery fire.

The incident took place with a resident of Ohio, Daniel Ramirez. He was working at a construction site when his S7 edge started "whistling, screeching, and vibrating," The device soon started blowing smoke and that's when Ramirez decided to take it out of his pocket, taking it out caused severe burns to his right hand. Sensing extreme heat in the handset, Ramirez took out his right hand. After this, the Galaxy S7 edge unit exploded and caused a fire in his pocket, which made his pant melt and stick to his skin. All this resulted in terrible burns on Ramirez's leg.

In the report, it is said,"Ramirez suffered severe and permanent burn injuries to his groin, legs, and lower back that required a significant skin graft surgery and will necessitate extensive physical therapy moving forward."

All this certainly looks like a product nightmare for Samsung. It's faulty battery might have just plagued its latest flagships including the S7 lineup. It would be interesting to see how Samsung tackles all these allegations.

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