Rural GSM Subscriber base reached 311.33 million subscribers in October: COAI data

The rural GSM subscriber figure in October given by COAI shows an increase of 1.23 % from the previous month. Now the rural GSM subscriber base stands at 311.33 million subscribers from previous number of 307.54 million, with a net addition of 3.79 million subscribers.

Here, Bharti Airtel added the maximum rural subscribers in the month of October with an addition of 1.66 million subscribers followed by Idea cellular with an addition of 1.10 million subscribers. Rest of the operators can be seen in the graph below.


The maximum addition of GSM rural subscribers was in Bihar, with an addition of 0.79 million subscribers. Uttar Pradesh East has the maximum number of rural subscribers at 33.01 million subscribers. Also the Rural GSM subscribers base of North Eastern states increased from 3.75million as of September to 3.85 million in October, an increase of 0.10 million subscribers.

Out of total GSM rural subscribers, Bharti Airtel leads the race with 99.11 million subscribers, followed by Vodafone with 92.51 million subscribers and Idea cellular with 79.33 million subscribers.

The figures show a positive growth of telecommunication in the country and the country is on its path of achieving its goals with the latest technology and innovations.

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Ranganathan Rajagopalan
December 2, 2014 8:20 am 8:20 AM

I always miss Reliance gsm in this data

cva Prasad
December 2, 2014 11:45 pm 11:45 PM

yes, also TATA Docomo missing; am not sure why TT not taking care to provide complete picture?