Reliance Pay Per Second Plan Claims More Savings From Its Competitors

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Reliance Pay Per Second Plan Claims More Savings From Its CompetitorsWith all the operators following the suite of wooing their customers with “Pay Per Second” plan, now Reliance Mobile have also joined the league with the launch of their per second tariff. But their scheme seems a bit different from the lot.

It seems customers can save more and more only with Reliance and it only gets better and better. Recently with the launch of their “Simply Reliance” plan they do have grabbed a handful of customers. New offerings under Simply Reliance Initiative, has set industry benchmarks in the Indian Telecom Sector.

Previously we had discussed about Airtel and Docomo’s plan of their per second billing. Now lets have a detailed look into what Reliance has to offer and the pros and cons of their plan as compared to Airtel, Docomo and Idea’s.

A sneak peak into what Reliance is offering in the market

* For short duration callers, Reliance is launching 1paise/second single call rate.
* For long duration callers, Reliance is now offering Re 1 for 3 minutes call rate.
* For those with standard call duration, Reliance will continue offering 50p/Minute tariff rate.

Firstly lets take on the per second billing plan,

Talking about Reliance their plan is clear as crystal. As accustomed to “Simply Reliance” their plan is also very simple and easy to understand. All calls originating from your Reliance phones will be charged at a flat rate of 1p/sec be it local, STD or when you are in roaming. SMS charges are just 50 paisa irrespective of local or national. If we consider this plan with that of Airtel’s we find that the later is charging 20% more in case of calling other than home network. Idea and Docomo on the other hand have a static rate of 1p/sec. No if we come to roaming charges Reliance has clubbed its tariff with 1p only but other players are charging on per minute base. With Reliance’s plan a customer can save up to 25% on his calling bill.

Secondly if we take on “Simply Reliance” plan we find that all calls/sms/roaming charges are just 50 paise only. While other service providers are having different schemes and tariffs ranging from 50 paise/min to Re1/min which is and always will be confusing. Try to keep track of your spending you will loose your tempo. A minute calculation can save you upto 31% and may be more.

Lastly if we take on for long duration callers, Reliance had devised a plan which gives customers to call any mobile for just Re.1 for 3 minutes. This plan sure will compete with Tata Indicom’s “Pay Per Call” but since Tata operates on CDMA it will make you think before investing since you have to get yourself a CDMA phone. Reliance’s plan are available on both GSM and CDMA platforms.

Now to sum up things I guess Reliance’s plans are much more straight forward and quite simple. These new offerings under Simply Reliance Initiative, which has set industry benchmarks in the Indian Telecom Sector, extend the single rate benefit to:

* All Local calls

* All STD calls

* To any CDMA or GSM Mobile and Landline anywhere in India

* All incoming and outgoing calls while roaming

* Anytime of the day or night

* Without any monthly charges

* Without any hidden charges or any conditions, whatsoever

Simply Reliance Initiative is supported by RCOM's 3G-Ready network offering a number of innovations to our customers. These include:

* Next-gen electronics for super digital voice clarity

* Seamless coverage on major railway routes, national and state highways through dedicated mobile towers

* Access to a Reliance owned fibre network for unlimited capacity - both in India and overseas, resulting in unmatched quality on local, STD or ISD calls

* Nationwide enhanced capabilities for fastest internet access speeds

* Stutter-free video capability including numerous TV channels, sports updates as well as access to popular video sharing websites like Youtube

* Widest R-World mobile content offering entertainment, music, news, cricket, Bollywood, maps and search

* One-click set-up and access to email and social networking offering convenience of a PC

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