Reliance Total Network even in subways, basements and tunnels

Reliance Total Network even in subways, basements and tunnelsHow many of you have blamed your Network for not having proper reception on phone? Imagine, the last time when your phone had lost the network access.

Generally Speaking, We face with poor reception / no reception If we are in Basements, Indoors, Sub ways or under tunnel (enclosed area) .

Keeping this in mind, the Telecom Operator Reliance has released a TV commercial, the poor reception of network signal as theme Reliance boasts itself saying it provides TOTAL NETWORK even under enclosed areas like Sub-Ways and tunnels.

Have a Look at this Ad

The Ad Features a woman getting down from a late night train entering a sub-way. As She walks through the Sub-way she finds no people around except a Man walking through the Sub-way in opposite direction. Some thoughts haunt her, as it is late night and she walks with fear as she spots a man in sub way.

As she crosses the man, she gets a call on her Reliance Mobile (which boasts of Total Network), by hearing the Tone she feels so secured and you can find relief in her and answers the call saying loudly “Hey Sanju, I am the on Way back Home”! The Passer by, widens his eyes hearing this and follows his way!

That’s it! All is Well with Reliance’s Total Network things we can notice in this Ad Reliance has made use of “woman’s Insecurity” as a point and making the “Receiving a Call from her Loved One” as a solution.. The Ad is nicely blended making use of Sub-ways and possible threat and how Reliance Total Network can make the Difference.

It’s All left to you audience to Comment whether Reliance stands by its words “Total Newtork Everywhere”!

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chaitali paul
November 17, 2014 5:15 pm 5:15 PM

i have same problem in my phone that is poor network reliance mobile.I want to overcome this problem.Please see the way.

February 15, 2011 5:10 pm 5:10 PM

Reliance GSM network is worst than others in Solinganalur, Chennai area. Not getting signals even in ground floor, 1st floor etc. All these rooms are just covered with Glass windows and doors. 🙂

February 15, 2011 2:33 pm 2:33 PM

reliance should be banned…also awarded as WORST TELECOM COMPANY