Reliance Mobile-Samsung Omnia Free Data Transfer Offer In Details

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Reliance Mobile-Samsung Omnia Free Data Transfer Offer In Details

As earlier we broke the news Reliance Mobile Announces Samsung Omnia Pro 7320 has come up with "Free Data Transfer offer with unlimited browsing and downloads capping 5 GB/month for all Reliance customers across India  upto 6 months to all new customers who opt the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 with a Reliance Mobile connection are eligible for free data transfer offer.

Today We have summed up the details of "Data Transfer Offer" by Reliance Mobile.

The Offer:

The offer is open to all Reliance customers (GSM/RTL), postpaid and prepaid. 5GB for 6 months is allotted free for surfing through the net. Over the 5 GB an additional of Rs.2/MB will apply. This plan is available for RCOM GSM/RTL Postpaid/Prepaid subscriber using Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 mobile phone.


For prepaid customers the minimum balance should be

Rs.200. To be eligible for this offer all customers should give their handset I.M.E.I. number at the point of sale/Customer Care.This offer will only be valid strictly on using with the Samsung handset else if the customer at any point of time within the specified 6 months changes the device then this free bundle offer will be withdrawn.

Point of Activation:

Any Reliance World/Reliance Mobile Store outlet or call Customer Care on 3033 3333 or from your mobile phone at *222 (Postpaid) or *333 (Prepaid & Postpaid both).

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