Purchasing a 5G Phone in India? You Should Know This

If you are upgrading solely because you want a 5G smartphone in your hands, it isn’t the best decision for now. This is because of multiple reasons.

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Tanay Singh Thakur

Many would agree that smartphones have become a necessity today. To be more precise, powerful smartphones with support for next-generation connectivity have become a necessity. 5G connectivity is going to fuel the growth of the Indian economy in the next few years. Smartphone makers have already started launching new 5G smartphones in India. There are 5G devices available at almost every price range. If you are thinking of getting a 5G smartphone in India today, this is what you should know.

5G Networks Might Not Come to You for the Next 2 Years

If you are upgrading solely because you want a 5G smartphone in your hands, it isn’t the best decision for now. This is because of multiple reasons. First and foremost is that there are no live 5G networks in India currently. Further, if you are not in a metro city, you should not even expect to get 5G services in the next two years at least.

Then, even when 5G comes, of course, its plans are expected to be bundled with more benefits, however, they will be costly as well. You might just end up purchasing 4G plans if you get good speeds and have a broadband connection at home.

The smartphone makers have said that they are rolling out devices with the appropriate band support after talking with the operators that will ensure that consumers have 5G connectivity. Plus, why would you go for a 5G device if it is overpriced at the moment?

Truth be told, you should get a strong specifications 4G device instead of a 5G phone with limited features. If it took India years to spread 4G networks in every part of the country and the telcos are still working on expanding 4G, there’s no way that 5G rollout will be done in a year. 5G networks are going to take a considerable time before they can reach you. Don’t get fancy and purchase a smartphone that’s not worth it just because it is a 5G device.

Tanay Singh Thakur

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Published by
Tanay Singh Thakur

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