PUBG Mobile Season 9 Leaks Reveal New Kar98 Skin, Outfits and More

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PUBG Mobile is easily the most popular mobile game right now. However, what keeps the players hooked onto this Battle Royale game is the novelty that they get to experience every once in a while. PUBG Corporation has been known to bring quick iterative updates to its game which better the experience for the gamers and bring new elements into the game. That is the reason, why in such a short time we have seen 8 seasons of PUBG, with the eighth season coming to a close in a few days. Now although there is no launch date yet known for the ninth season of PUBG Mobile, there have been a few leaks about the upcoming season which reveal the new add-ons we will get to see on PUBG Mobile. The PUBG Mobile players ranking points will all be reset after the beginning of Season 9. The players will then have to purchase Royal Pass to buy exclusive items as is the case every time.

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PUBG Mobile Season 9: New Skin, Outfits, and More

As per the information leaked by whistleblowers, the latest PUBG Mobile season will bring new outfits into the game. To access this new outfit, the players will be required to complete a few missions. There is also going to be a new Kar98 skin in season 9 of PUBG Mobile. Going by the source of the leak, the new Kar98 skin will only be available for the holders of Royal Pass.

On taking a closer look at the leaks, the tipsters have also revealed that there will be a new parachute with the Season 9 logo on it. This skin can be achieved after reaching the ace tier in the new season. There will also be a new Dacia skin, but similar to the Kar98 skin, this skin will also be accessible only to the players with Royal Pass. Lastly, there is expected to be a new aeroplane skin as well, and this skin will be textured and blue going by the images.

PUBG Mobile Season 9: Royal Pass Leaks

There have been a couple of leaks about the Royal Pass rewards for the Season 9 as well. The first rewards among the many will be the Royal Pass Portable Closet which will be unlocked for the players. As part of the Bronze V reward, the players will get to see new crates with a warrior theme. The new crate will come in a silver colour. The leak reveals the outfit that the players will be able to access as part of the Royal Pass. The 100 RP outfit has been revealed to be a warrior one, and the leak also summarises the other additions that it would bring to the season 9. The players of PUBG Mobile will get to see new Kar98 skin, aeroplane skin, new emotes, new outfits and more.

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