Picture This Virgin Mobile’s Pay Back Time

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Picture This  Virgin Mobile's Pay Back TimePicture this .. Once you lend some money to your friend and now when you are in need for your own money their face turn ugly. Money ..  money its gone!!

This is exactly where Virgin Mobile comes to the rescue with their Hatke way. Its Pay Back Time, the new fresh campaign which popped up few days ago in the internet is now the latest craze from Virgin mobile India in driving some youth customers to their piggy bank. Here’s what the idea is all about.

Just like CDMA in the very beginning when Virgin Mobile started off with a craze by giving out 10p/min for incoming calls this time also they are offering the same concept in their GSM connections too. It means that you make your friends call you back for which you get paid 10paise foe every minute you talk. Quite hatke isn’t it?

With a lot of mobile services available in the market today, Virgin Mobile has come up with a Hatke idea to talk about their unique GSM offering of getting paid 10p/min on incoming & spending 20p/min to call any Virgin Mobile friend across the country.

The idea revolves around a calculator which lets visitors calculate for what & how much have they lend to their friend. The calculation is sent to borrower friend, reminding him of the times he / she borrowed, money & easily forgot. The borrower friend can check the calculation done by the lender friend.

The communication asks the borrower friend from his Virgin Mobile to call his lender friend on his Virgin Mobile & pay back the borrowed money without actually paying with 10p/min on incoming. The entire communication has been packaged in a very humorous, hatke & engaging manner.

Payback Time is how we are addressing the online campaign & can be experienced at www.paybacktime.in. The website also gives gyan about unheard & funny excuses friends give to each other for not paying up the borrowed money. Payback time is also present on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube, with the same calculator on Virgin Mobile’s official fan page, along with a contest for fans to share their hatke excuses for not paying back & win rewards.

Integrating the campaign on these platforms gave it a viral effect, where the status message of the borrower & lender friends were updated with the post engagement communication & is creating huge curiosity.Just log on to the website to view all the gags, fun, trivia, games and TVC of the new Virgin Mobile “Its Pay Back Time” campaign.

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