Pelican might bring its lens array based camera sensors to Android smartphones

We’ve already reported about lens array based light field camera sensors from Pelican. Looks like Pelican will bring them to Android smartphones according to a job posting on their official website. The job title reads ‘Android and Camera Platform Software Developer‘ which lists requirements including deep knowledge about Android, linux, camera drivers, Android Camera framework experience and Qualcomm Android systems.

Pelican 4x4 Smartphone Camera Image Sensor Module

Pelican 4×4 Smartphone Camera Image Sensor Module

Read the complete job description below.

Requirements Concentration Summary – Candidates should cover one or more of the first three roles. The fourth role might be possible for just the right person.

QCamera Role: C++, Android, Camera HAL / Qualcomm QCamera Version 2, Java, Linux, drivers, experienced developer of complex systems / problem solving. Creating and extending soft ISP and related modules in the QCamera2 user-space device driver framework.
Camera HAL3 Role: Extensive Android Camera framework experience, preferably with Android Camera HAL3 (4.4) development
Qualcomm Android Role: Well-versed in Qualcomm Android systems and build process, system/device driver development and debugging, C++, Linux. Liason with Qualcomm and other suppliers and partners
Generalist, Development Platform Engineer: C++, Android app / library / subsystem dev, Linux, Java, Javascript, imaging, machine vision/learning, build systems, architect-level preferred

Extensive experience with both C and C++
Minimally, Android development should be at systems level in a significant way
Java library and app development experience, preferably on Android. Should include JNI / NDK experience.
Have worked on some type of device driver or similar low-level systems code
Has done something with one or more of: cameras, imaging, graphics, GPU (OpenGL, CUDA, DirectX)
Comfortable and functional with: Linux, gmake, CMake, gdb, git, scripting languages (bash, Python, Lua, and/or NodeJS)

Android device drivers, camera drivers, camera framework, imaging or camera apps
Optimization of algorithms on real systems
Experience with iOS, WP8, BlackBerry OS, Linux, Windows, MacOSX
Qt/C++ app experience
C++11, advanced Java, and other modern techniques and libraries
OpenCV, machine learning, machine vision, image processing
Photography experience
Familiar as a developer with Linux, MacOSX, and Windows 7

Do you think that light-field based photography can change the landscape of mobile phone cameras?

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June 18, 2014 10:30 pm 10:30 PM

Wow! You made a breaking story out of a job posting. Brilliant.

June 18, 2014 10:48 pm 10:48 PM

*I agree on that.Asif Iqbal is one of the best authors along with Sanjay/RDB/SK/Ritij/tarun.He is the only one who delivers regular tech updates and I am personally grateful to him because his tech posts deliver a great platform for me to post my small time analysis.