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WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Extended to More Users for Testing

WhatsApp is now extending the ‘Multi-Device’ feature support for testing to multiple users, which include the ‘non-beta’ users as well. Until now, the feature was under testing and was extended to the beta-users. But now the company is also involving the ‘non-beta’ users for the testing process, which means the rollout of the feature might be very near. For the unaware, the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature will allow the user to... Read More

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WhatsApp Testing New Voice Transcription Feature

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is all set to be working on a new feature that will let users transcribe their voice messages. Currently, this feature is said to be under testing for iOS users. Also, it is believed to be rolled out to Android users as well over time. At present, WhatsApp doesn't provide any transcription of voice messages. Instead, there are third-party apps that are available for Android... Read More

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WhatsApp Brings Major Feature for Chat Backups

Facebook-owned text application WhatsApp has revealed a new feature that will make backing up data safer for users. One of the things that people have loved about WhatsApp until now is just how safe the chatting experience is inside the application. All the chats the users engage in, be it groups or individual chats, people can sit safely because all of their chat is end-to-end encrypted. But the same wasn’t... Read More

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WhatsApp Working on Android to iOS Chat Transfer, Cable Might Be Needed

Recently, WhatsApp announced that users will be able to transfer their chat history between and Android and iOS devices. The ability to migrate chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa was something that many users are missing to date. But it was rolled out recently with a few catches as follows. Firstly, the ability was rolled out with the Samsung flagship foldable smartphones in the Galaxy Z series... Read More

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WhatsApp Might Soon Bring This Clever Feature

WhatsApp, one of the biggest texting applications in the world, might soon bring a clever new feature for the users. This feature would allow users to hide ‘last seen’, ‘About’, and ‘profile picture’ from contacts. You might be wondering that how is this a new feature since users can do all of it right now as well. But the thing is, they can’t do it with select users. WhatsApp allows... Read More

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WhatsApp Web Will Offer Users Options to React to Messages With Emojis

To keep its users happy, WhatsApp keeps on introducing new features from time to time. Now, the Facebook-owned application is soon going to bring another new major feature for the users. It will be available for the Web version of the application. This feature will be available for users both owning an Android or an iOS smartphone. The feature is aimed at making conversing easier and more seamless for users.... Read More

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WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature Only for Samsung Phones for the Time Being

WhatsApp users for so long have been waiting for the texting giant to come out with a solution for transferring iOS data to Android and vice versa. Until now, users had to resort to leveraging third-party applications for transferring their data across the mentioned mobile platforms which was a risk since their data is exposed. But now, WhatsApp has provided the iOS to Android or Android to iOS data chat... Read More

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WhatsApp Will Remain Number One Despite Controversies

WhatsApp, arguably the world’s largest instant messaging platform, will not see any threat from its rivals Telegram or Signal. A few months back, when controversies related to the privacy policy of the application surfaced in the market, Elon Musk, a big social influencer these days, tweeted and asked people to move to Signal. Signal is one of the most privacy-enhanced applications for texting in the world. At the same time,... Read More

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WhatsApp Might Allow Users to React to Messages Soon

WhatsApp, one of the biggest chat applications in the world, is planning to come out with a new and very interesting feature for the users. The company might soon allow users to react to messages that other people send them. For example, users on Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger can react to the messages they get from other people. In the same way, to make chatting a simpler experience, WhatsApp might... Read More

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WhatsApp for Android Might Get a Colour Change Soon

WhatsApp keeps on working with its visual elements to make the app interface as soothing as possible for the users. While the company has made multiple changes to the app in terms of design, WhatsApp has never gone too hard on its colours. The company has stuck with the dark green accent for the app interface for as long as one can remember. However, that might change soon since a... Read More

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WhatsApp Brings New Payments Shortcut

WhatsApp is bringing a new payments feature for Android users. Note that the feature is currently available in the beta version of the application, and it will take some time for it to arrive in the stable version. The new ‘Payments Shortcut’ that WhatsApp is adding is aimed to make paying a contact an even seamless process for the users. As per a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp will now show a... Read More

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WhatsApp Increasing Disappearing Messages Time Limit to 90 Days

The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature, which is an extension to the disappearing messaging feature. Initially, WhatsApp let users send a disappearing message with a time limit of 7 days. Now, it looks like the messaging platform has increased the time limit for the message expiry to as many as 90 days. If you choose the disappearing messages feature, then the messages that... Read More

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