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Verizon aggressively backing for VoLTE before winding up traditional voice

American telecom giant Verizon is working hard to make Voice over LTE (VoLTE) a default feature for its all customers. Presently worldwide carriers are shutting down 2G networks to make room for LTE deployments. Verizon is also walking to it - the company has plans to phase out its entire CDMA network by 2021. But before that they need to have a robust 4G network running. Now Verizon's VOLTE feature... Read More

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Global: Verizon acquires AOL for $4.4 billion to bolster its mobile video and advertising plans

Verizon Communications Inc., agreed to buy AOL Inc., a leader in digital content and advertising platforms space for $50 per share – estimated at a total value of $4.4 billion, aimed at advancing telecom giant’s ambitions in mobile video and advertising. The acquisition will provide Verizon access to advanced technology AOL has developed for selling ads and delivering high-quality web video. “Verizon’s vision is to provide customers with a premium... Read More

December 3rd, 2021 1:22 AM 5 COMMENTS

5G Rollout in India Will Happen in the Second Quarter Next Year

In a recent interview held on Thursday, the Communications and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has informed that the auction procedures for the next generation or 5G airwaves and network rollouts will start in the second quarter of the next year. He said that the auction process will be given a thumbs-up as soon as the sector regulator decides on the parameters necessary following the consultative process. TRAI Has Already Commenced... Read More

November 13th, 2021 8:39 PM 3 COMMENTS

5G Network – A Boon or A Bane?

The world of cellular networks is getting better and enhanced with technologies each passing day. The advancements in these technologies provide users with better and improved services. The introduction of the fifth-generation cellular network, 5G, is changing the game around the world. It is already replacing the 4G networks across the globe and offers seamless services to users in need of internet data. Even the developers benefit from the 5G... Read More

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Nokia Launches T20 Tablet in India with a Starting Price of Rs 15,999

Nokia has just announced the launch of its first Android tablet, the Nokia T20 in India on Monday. Equipped up with an 8,200mah battery, the device promises almost 15 hours of web browsing on a single charge on its 2K display. Nokia brand licensee HMD Global has also promised consumers 3 years of monthly security upgrades on the tablet along with updates on the operating system for 2 years. The... Read More

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MediaTek Dimensity 810, 920 Budget 5G Chipsets Announced

MediaTek, the popular Taiwanese chipset maker, on Wednesday launched two new chipsets as part of its Dimensity lineup of SoCs, namely the Dimensity 920 and Dimensity 810. For those of you unaware, the MediaTek Dimensity SoCs are known for offering chipsets designed for mobile devices, with the standout feature being integrated 5G modems. The latest additions to the family are quite the same and will allow budget devices or mid-range... Read More

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Broadband Plans of Today Still Miss Some Major Features

The Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) service is something that has penetrated the Indian wired broadband industry thoroughly. Courtesy of optical fibre deployment across the country, the subscribers, are now able to attain speeds of up to 1 Gbps. However, unlike the 4G data revolution led by Reliance Jio, the Mukesh Ambani led telecom company was not able to shock the market into submission like it did in the case of LTE. As... Read More

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Broadband Internet Connection Issues Can Be Solved Like This

Broadband internet connections have become a necessity in almost every household since the time the pandemic has come. People need highly stable internet connections which the operators can’t provide with their congested 4G networks. Thus, everyone who is working from home today is thinking about getting a fiber broadband connection. However, life isn’t that simple with a broadband connection either. Even broadband internet connections can drop and have issues that... Read More

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Starlink Broadband to Enhance How People Play Games

Starlink is a satellite communications company backed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The company has plans of entering the Indian borders in mid-2022. One thing that’s very highly likely is that satellite broadband plans will be much more expensive than the normal fixed-line broadband plans. However, they will be worth it for people who can’t get fiber internet delivered to their homes or in the remote regions of the country. One... Read More

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Qualcomm Launches Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program

The American multinational corporation Qualcomm Technologies has recently revealed its investment plans and marked that it will push investments in the Snapdragon Wear Platform. Not only this, but Qualcomm has also launched the Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program as Snapdragon Wear Shipments crossed 40 million. As reported by ET Telecom, the program includes device manufacturers, platform players, service providers, independent hardware and software vendors and system integrators who will work together... Read More

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Telefonica Joins Hands With KKR to Deploy Open Access Fibre Across Columbia

KKR, a prominent global investment firm that has its arms spanning across multiple countries like in FiberCop in Italy, HyperOptic in the UK, and Open Dutch Fibre in the Netherlands, will now invest in Telefonica, Columbia. With this deal, KKR hopes to establish the first nationwide wholesale infrastructure company of Columbia. As per this new agreement signed between the global investment firm and the Columbian company, KKR will invest a... Read More

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AT&T 5G Ecosystem has More than 250 Million People in the US

The renowned American multinational entity AT&T is rapidly expanding its 5G coverage in the US region. After one year of launching 5G services in the US, AT&T 5G is now used by more than 250 million people. Not only this, but the AT&T 5G+ is now present in 38 cities and 20 venues across the US. The company is also expecting to expand the reach of 5G+ technology in parts... Read More

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