Packet Clearing House Sets up Node in CtrlS Hyderabad Datacenter

CtrlS Datacenters partners with Packet Clearing House (PCH) to boost DNS performance in India with a PCH DNS Services Cluster at Hyderabad 1 datacenter.


  • CtrlS and PCH's collaboration introduces a PCH DNS Services Cluster in Hyderabad.
  • The cluster manages 100,000 DNS queries per second, ensuring enhanced DNS services.
  • CtrlS plans to deploy PCH nodes in various Indian cities for widespread impact.

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Packet Clearing House Sets up Node in CtrlS Hyderabad Datacenter
CtrlS Datacenters, a Rated-4 datacenter company, has partnered with Packet Clearing House (PCH) to enhance the Domain Name System (DNS) in India. CtrlS announced that this collaboration brings forth a PCH DNS Services Cluster at CtrlS's Hyderabad 1 datacenter, aiming to enhance DNS services with the capacity to handle 100,000 DNS queries per second.

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Enhanced DNS Performance

The collaboration between CtrlS and PCH will result in faster internet access, reduced latency, and enhanced network performance for millions of users across India. DNS root servers are essential components of the internet's architecture, translating human-readable web addresses into IP addresses. "Without DNS Root Servers, one cannot access any online content or even send an email. The action happens millions of times a day."

Localised DNS Traffic Management

According to CtrlS, the newly established PCH - AS 42 and AS 3856 - are live in CtrlS's Hyderabad 1 data centre. This will enable better management of DNS traffic within the region as well as for India, contributing to overall improved latency and performance.

Expansion Plans

This partnership is not limited to Hyderabad. CtrlS plans to deploy PCH nodes in other key Indian cities such as Noida, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Patna, strengthening digital services across the country.

Global Expertise

According to the statement, over the last 22 years, PCH served over 124 country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), 43 government central civil services (GOV.ccs), 23 military services (MIL.ccs), and select brand top-level domains (.apple, .bmw) with a network spanning 265 data centre locations in 119 countries.

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Shared Vision for a Stronger Internet

CtrlS's Chief Business Officer, Royce Thomas, emphasized that this collaboration not only benefits the CtrlS team but also contributes to the growth of India's digital economy. Enhanced DNS services foster a free and open internet, critical for driving India's digital progress.

He added, "This strategic move, doesn't end in Hyderabad. CtrlS is preparing to go live with PCH nodes in Noida (within a week), Bangalore, Lucknow, and Patna. Such deployments strengthen our vision of providing high-quality, robust digital services throughout the country, bringing us closer to creating a truly pan-India network."

Ashish Ahuja, Chief Technology Officer, CtrlS Datacenters, stated, "This will enable us to provide faster, more reliable, and secure internet access to millions of users. We are excited by this development and look forward to expanding our services even further. Hosting DNS at our data centres help us in speeding response time and improved network performance as it reduces the latency between the end-users and the Root Servers."

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Andrea Cima, Chief Operating Officer at PCH, expressed excitement about supporting India's DNS resolution enhancement. He commended CtrlS for their role in making this partnership possible and affirmed PCH's commitment to further strengthening the Indian internet community.

The partnership between CtrlS Datacenters and Packet Clearing House is set to propel India's DNS infrastructure to new heights.

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