Orange Romania Signs Renewable Energy vPPA With Engie Romania

Orange Romania Group and ENGIE Romania have joined forces for the first-ever virtual Power Purchase Agreement (vPPA) contract, solidifying their commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and sustainability.


  • First vPPA contract signed for long-term renewable energy procurement.
  • Orange Romania strives for net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.
  • European expansion sees 80 percent green energy volume across nations.

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Orange Romania Signs Renewable Energy vPPA With Engie Romania
Orange Romania Group have entered into a partnership with ENGIE Romania for the first-ever virtual Power Purchase Agreement (vPPA) contract for long-term renewable energy. Orange Romania says this agreement is a step in the direction of the company's commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 as reported by TelecomTalk.

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vPPA Contract and Renewable Energy

Orange Romania Group contract, signed for a period of 6 years, with ENGIE Romania involves the virtual purchase of long-term renewable energy, specifically 30 GWh of annual electricity needs from solar technology.

Sustainability Initiatives

Orange Romania said it took into account additional measures to implement initiatives that support sustainability objectives, cost efficiency, and ensuring a percentage of energy from renewable sources when rethinking its energy consumption practices.

Carbon Neutrality Goals

The vPPA contract is part of a joint project between Orange and ENGIE Romania to help Orange companies in Romania achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, in line with the Orange Group's plan.

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European Green Energy

Orange said these efforts extend beyond Romania. In 2023, Orange ensured a substantial volume of 80 percent green energy in other European countries such as Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Moldova. Now, Romania joins the list of these countries.

Orange Romania said: "We are aligned with the objectives of the Orange Group and continue to integrate sustainability at the heart of our actions, in order to reduce our impact on the environment. Decarbonisation and the use of more renewable and sustainable energy sources is a priority for us, along with using resources efficiently through reuse and recycling."

"Thus, the signing of the vPPA contract with ENGIE Romania is another important step in the long-term commitment that Orange has assumed, to contribute to the sustainable development of society. This approach involved a lot of work on the part of our teams, which I congratulate," added Orange Romania.

ENGIE Romania emphasized the predictability of energy costs and environmental goals.

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Virtual PPA Concept

A virtual Power Purchase Agreement (vPPA) is explained as a contract between a renewable energy developer and a buyer, which covers trading risks related to energy market price fluctuations and guarantees that the energy comes from renewable sources.

Orange Green Energy Initiatives

Orange Romania said it has been actively implementing green energy initiatives, including installing solar panels on network sites and interconnection centres, reducing energy consumption, and replacing outdated equipment with energy-efficient alternatives.

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Orange Romania said it has launched a 4-year program in 2022 to install solar panels on 300 network sites and 4 communication interconnection centres and data centres. Currently, approximately 650 solar panels have been installed on 3 interconnection centres located in Constanta, Brasov, and Timisoara, and 133 network sites already have operational solar panels.

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