Opera Mini Mobile Browser Now has 35.6 Million Users

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Opera Mini Mobile Browser Renders 35.6 Million UsersOpera Mini the Mobile Browser firm’s announces latest State of the Mobile Web Report, It says that Opera Mini now has 35.6 million users, an 11.5% increase from August 2009 and more than 150% compared to September 2008.

With Opera Mini mobile phone browser the number of page views more than tripled during the time period from September 2008 to September 2009, precise rate is 202.6%. Unique users grew by 61.4 % while page-views per user were seen at 339.

According to the latest statistics from the Norwegian browser developer, Opera Mini is also cost saving web browser so No need to fear the GPRS usage anymore if you are using Opera mini as your mobile browser.

Opera's  consumers in the top ten countries save approximately 8.1 billion USD per year using Opera Mini. Since the data is compressed by up to 90%, Opera Mini users potentially save a lot of money. Based on the average cost of browsing the Web on a mobile phone (on a per MB basis), users in the top 10 countries save up to 672 million USD per month, or over 8.1 billion USD per year1). (This estimate does not take into account pricing for users who have unlimited-use data plans.)

By providing a significant economic advantage to end users,It believe that Opera Mini encourages usage of the mobile Web that would not occur otherwise, especially in places where unlimited-use data plans are uncommon or too expensive. Opera Mini also benefits operators by making the Web available on a wider range of their available handsets and by reducing their bandwidth costs (through the use of Opera Mini’s compression technology).

On a monthly basis, users in the India save the most money using Opera Mini, based on their usage and the average cost of browsing (per MB) To calculate this, Opera looked at the top operators in the country, determined how much they typically charge per MB of browsing, and averaged those figures together. The average cost of browsing in each country was multiplied by the amount of traffic generated in each country, and the resulting totals were summed.

Opera Mini Page-view growth since September 2008Opear Mini-Snapshot: India
Page-view growth since September 2008: 202.6%

Unique-user growth since September 2008: 61.4%

Page-views per user: 339

Data (compressed) transferred per user (MB): 6

Data (compressed) transferred per page view (KB): 19

In the Top 10  Sites in India, Gmail is back on the list after a 2-month absence, and My Opera is back on the list after a 1-month absence.
Yahoo, which is usually at position 3 or 4, took a big drop down to position 7.
Top 10 sites in India (# of unique users)
(1) google.com
(2) orkut.com
(3) gmail.com (back on the list)
(4) facebook.com
(5) wikipedia.org (up from 6)
(6) songs.pk (down from 5)
(7) yahoo.com (down from 3)
(8) youtube.com (down from 7)
(9) my.opera.com (back on the list)
(10)zedge.net (down from 8 )

The Opera's State of the Mobile Web report shows Nokia handsets dominating the mobile data landscape in India. Opera Mini browser is generally found with all the leading handset models including Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, LG, Samsung to name a few.

Top handsets for September 2009
1. Nokia 5130c
2. Nokia N70
3. Nokia N73
4. Nokia 3110c
5. Nokia 6300
6. Nokia N72
7. Nokia 3500c
8. Nokia 5310
9. Nokia 7120s
10. Nokia 6233

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera commented that "We are on a mission to bring the Web to everyone, on their terms,"  "More than half the world's population has a mobile phone. By making the mobile Web more affordable and available on almost any mobile phone, we help democratize it. This means we can expand the reach of the Web in a way that defies imagination."

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