OnePlus TV Expected Launch Date Surfaces Online, TVs Expected to Come with Premium Features

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While mostly the consumers would find the leaks, rumours and speculations about OnePlus phones in the market. This time things are changing up in the technology industry. The Chinese manufacturer had announced last year that it would bring a TV line-up in India and it seems that now the brand is living up to its promise. Last we heard about the TVs from OnePlus, it was some information about the variants of the TVs that the company would debut and where it would debut them. It is worth noting that with the dominance that OnePlus has set up in

the market with the launch of its flagship devices, the market is surely going to tip over towards OnePlus’ favour when the brand launches its TV line-up. Xiaomi is another Chinese manufacturer that has crafted a success story with the launch of its Mi TV line-up.

OnePlus TV Likely Launch Date

As per a new report by MySmartPrice, OnePlus TVs would be launched somewhere around the end of September. Also, speculating about a specific date, it was revealed that the date of launch for OnePlus TVs could be September 24. However, with that being said, the information about the launch date of OnePlus TV should be taken with a pinch of salt, since there is a chance that “plans can change”. Only a few days back, according to a Bluetooth SIG listing, we came to know about the sizes and a few variants of the OnePlusTV. There is

no official timeline known at the moment about the launch of OnePlus TV. OnePlus has already said it beforehand, that its TVs would land in the premium segment and they would accompany with such features. The OnePlus TVs would go against the likes of Samsung and LG Smart TVs.

OnePlus TV to Arrive in US, China and India First 

Some additional information was revealed about the OnePlus TVs through the Bluetooth SIG certification via support documents. The information reveals that OnePlus TV would sport panels from TPV Display Technologies Pvt. Ltd for its television line-up. However, there is a clash since TPV is not known to manufacture OLED panels, but reports about OnePlus TVs reveal that the TVs from the Chinese brand would come with OLED panels. Also, it has been revealed by the Bluetooth SIG listing that the TVs from OnePlus would be available in 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes. Initially, OnePlus would target India, China and the US as its primary market. Among other features, the OnePlus TVs would come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and they would run on Android 9.0 Pie.

It is also worth noting that OnePlus CEO has mentioned that the TVs would land in the premium segment, this means that we can expect this new line-up from OnePlus to come with 4K HDR screen, premium design, and AI enhancements. It is also expected like other products from OnePlus, the TVs from the Chinese manufacturer would also be available on Amazon for purchase.

Arpit Sharma

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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