Nokia Siemens Networks Launches Liquid Net

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Nokia Siemens Networks Launches Liquid NetNokia Siemens Networks today announced the launch of  Liquid Net a new way to deliver broadband.

Liquid Net builds on the principles of Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Radio architecture3.

It adds Liquid Core and Liquid Transport functionality to the network which can be implemented either separately in multi vendor environments or in concert across an operator’s entire network to bring the full benefits of Liquid Net to bear.

Liquid Net will now allow operator to set up its network to self-adapt to meet capacity and coverage requirements based on demand. The new approach also aims to significantly improve the quality of broadband services worldwide.

Nokia Siemens Networks has created Liquid Net2, to free-up unused capacity and allocate it instantly across the whole network wherever and whenever it is needed.

Liquid Net uses automated, self-adapting broadband optimization to deliver services and content to ensure the best customer experience by always being aware of the network’s operational status and the services being consumed.

In addition, Liquid Net channels traffic in the transport network along the path of least resistance and lowest cost between operator sites.

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