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Nokia launched its first music-optimized device-Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, with a full QWERTY keyboard - ideal for quick messaging too. The heart of this music device is the Home screen for XpressMusic, providing access and dynamic information on music, people, games, email and calendar.

The Homescreen features an improved contacts bar with up to 20 friends and family members and provides direct access to music, N-Gage and other applications, like Facebook, Photos, Ovi Contacts, Maps, messaging and more. With Ovi Contacts, people see which friends are online, chats and even view what music they are listening to.The Music shortcut offers a quick access to the music stored on the device as well as to the Nokia Music Store where they can find for information on artists, music and over-the-air downloads, directly on the device.

The 5730 XpressMusic is not new to us at all. We have been hearing rumors and seeing leaked images of this phone for the past few months before Nokia finally made it official. We had an inkling regarding the specs as well. However, it is always good to see what the final spec-sheet looks like. So what's in store for us? Well, this might just be the first music oriented phone from Nokia to sport a QWERTY keyboard - and a rather good one at that. The slide out keyboard looks good and so does the other features that include integrated Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G, and Bluetooth.

As for the imaging abilities, the device sports a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash. With 8 GB of memory, there is enough space for your music and videos. This can of course be expanded to 16GB with another 8GB micro SD card. There is NGage support as well and decent support for office applications.

The device is expected to be priced at around the Rs. 18,500 approx.

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