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nokia-india-expand-take-back-campaign-telecomtalkIn an attempt to create awareness among users regarding electronic-waste (e-waste), Nokia India has expanded its 'Take Back' campaign across India. Under this campaign, the consumers can drop their old mobile phones and accessories regardless of any brand in any of the recycling bins installed at Nokia Priority Dealers and Nokia Care Centers. In response, Nokia would not only get these phones recycled, but plant a tree for every handset dropped into these bins and giving out a surprise gift to the consumer a survey conducted by Nokia in 13 countries has showed that only a mere 3% of the mobile phone users had recycled their old phone, while others chose to sell it or pass them on to friends or family.

The company’s pilot awareness campaign was conducted over 45 days, from 1 January to 15 February, in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ludhiana and Bangalore. “We have so far collected over three tones of e-waste, including 68,000 pieces of old devices and accessories this includes 10,000 phones, 10,000 batteries, 32,000 chargers and 16,000 headsets, body covers and other accessories

According to a survey, 50% of those surveyed were unaware about mobile recycling. Awareness on e-waste recycling was the lowest in India, which was a mere 17%.Nokia quoted 100% of the materials in the phones can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy the 'Take Back' campaign will be rolled out in phases across the country.

Every week, the material deposited in these bins is collected and dropped off at material centers where it is sorted. The material to be recycled is then sent to globally authorized recycling centers, where they are turned into useful objects such as park benches and utensils, explains Bakaya the facilities are also audited to make sure there is no leakage and that everything sent to the centre is recycled, he adds.The mobile phone company has also started an SMS-based application with a short code. Singhal explains that a consumer just has to SMS “Green” to the short code 55555, and he or she gets access to data such as where the nearest care centre or priority dealer with a collection bin is located and how to get there.

“If people no longer need their mobile devices or accessories, they can simply drop their old handsets into (one of the) 1,300 bins placed at Nokia care centers and Nokia priority dealers across the country,” says Pranshu Singhal, India environmental manager for Nokia India. And for every handset deposited in the bins, Nokia will plant a tree, adds Ambrish Bakaya, director of corporate affairs at the company. “The handsets can be of any make or brand and in any condition,” he adds.

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