MTS Advances Mobile Connectivity in 350 Remote Belarusian Settlements With RAN Sharing

MTS Belarus is elevating mobile communication in 350 remote settlements, doubling base station coverage using RAN Sharing technology.


  • 50 percent increase in base station coverage with RAN Sharing.
  • Improved communication experienced in key locations.
  • Cost-effective enhancement without building new base stations.

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MTS Advances Mobile Connectivity in 350 Remote Belarusian Settlements With RAN Sharing
MTS Belarus continues to upgrade its mobile communication in various regions of Belarus through the implementation of RAN Sharing. The operator has announced its commitment to improving communication quality in 350 remote settlements across Belarus by adding new sectors to existing base stations. This implementation is expected to not only extend mobile network coverage but also boost data transmission speed in remote settlements across the country.

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Technological Advancements

MTS has reported a 50 percent increase in the coverage of base stations utilising RAN sharing technology. More than 180 new sectors have been activated, and the operator aims to double this number by the end of March 2024. The operator's goal is to enhance communication services for 350 rural settlements, collectively inhabited by approximately 30,000 people, within the same timeframe. Base stations deployed with RAN Sharing technology operate on the 900 MHz frequency.

Connectivity Boost

According to MTS, subscribers can already enjoy improved mobile network quality in locations such as Ratomka and Pukhovichi, border crossings at Vidza and Benyakoni, and railway stations like Babino and Danilov Bridge. Additionally, network capacity has been increased in remote settlements, including Mikhalovo in the Dzerzhinsky district, Golynka in the Osipovichi district, Dekshnyany in the Molodechno district, Mitki in the Mozyr district, Gozha in the Grodno district, and Yazvinki in the Luninetsky district, as well as in the territories of many garden associations.

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RAN Sharing

The network enhancement and capacity improvement are carried out through RAN sharing technology, enabling multiple mobile operators to share radio access networks and infrastructure. MTS emphasises that this approach allows for a rapid increase in communication service levels without the need for constructing or modernising their own new base stations, thereby reducing costs.

900 MHz Band Benefit

In a press release, MTS noted that it has been implementing the RAN Sharing technology project since December 2022. The operator specifically highlighted that the 900 MHz band, used to transmit and receive signals, provides a large coverage radius and simultaneously increases penetration through forests, residential development, and other obstacles.

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