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mtnl_3g_jadooEvery one is very eager to know about  MTNL Mumbai’s 3G Mobile Service tariff plan in details, so we bring you exclusive tariff plans for you first on TelecomTalk.

To get a taste of MTNL’s 3G services, a subscriber can opt to first try out MTNL 3G Jadoo services with a ‘3G Trial Pack.’ For Rs. 99, a subscriber can use this trial pack for 15 days, where he can download up to 50MB of data. Any excess data usage beyond this will cost Rs. 3 per MB.

MTNL Dolphin-Postpaid 3G PlanThe GSM Mobile Service user can subscribe to any of the existing Dolphin 2G plans for Voice and SMS being offered by MTNL Mumbai.

Along with this they can subscribe to MTNL Mumbai 3G Jadu services as an addon service, the tariff details of 3G Jadu Service of which are given below-:

mtnl-mumbai-dolphin-3g-postpaid-tariff 1.3G SIM card (one time) charges: Rs. 300 (only for new customers)
2.Voice calls and SMS will be charged as per the MTNL Dolphin 2G plan opted by the cusotmer.
3. Local Video calls: On MTNL network: Rs. 1.80 per minute and for other local networks it will Rs. 3 per minute.
4. National/STD video calls: Rs. 3.75 per minute and ISD video calls at Rs. 30 per minute.

5. Unlimited Plan of Rs.2500 comes with Data Cap of 25 GB

MTNL Trump Prepaid 3G Plan:
The prepaid plans of MTNL Trump 3G service are the same as postpaid plan,the details of Prepaid
3G Plans as below-

mtnl-mumbai-3g-trump-prepaid-tariffThe Trump prepaid 3G Jadu service tariff is applicable only on the MTNL Mumbai Network. While roaming, any of 3G servcie or data usage beyond th e limit Subscriber will be caarge at Rs. 10 /MB.

MTNL 3G Data Card HSDPA Service –
MTNL Mumbai Subscribers can also subscribe the HSDPA connectivity which will provide the broadband speeds on their HSDPA enabled smartphones as well as computer and Leptop in MTNL 3G coverage area. This service will be available at Rs. 149 with 60 MB free data download per month. MTNL 3G HSPA data transmission capabilities able to deliver speeds up to 14.4 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s on the uplink.

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