Mobile Browser War: Servo vs Blink

With the growth of internet enabled mobile phones and devices, there is a huge market created for the mobile browsers. As the days go, these browsers become powerful to more powerful and go cross-platform. Opera’s mobile browsers – Opera Mobile and Opera Mini have dominance in the mobile market, though last few years other browsers are also increasing their user base.

Servo vs Blink

Currently Google backed Android platform has its own stock browser, though Google has launched its Chrome for Android. Both of them are WebKit engine powered.

Mozilla, the company behind popular Firefox browser has joined the mobile league, but a bit late and yet to find its pace as it has on desktop market.

On the other hand Samsung, the largest device marker on Android platform is bothered on Google’s dominance on Android platform.

So Mozilla and Samsung joined their hands and working on a new browser engine – Servo. As Mozilla describes Servo is a new-day approach to web browser, written on Rust, a language developed by Mozilla. Currently Servo is developed for OS X and Linux.

Google also announced that it will use Blink engine – a forked version of Webkit in its Chrome browser. The new engine will offer less complexity in Chrome’s development. Blink engine will be used on Chromium project, the behind-the-scene of Chrome.

Though Opera has its own engine – Presto, it has debuted its first Webkit powered Opera Browser on Android Play Store. Opera is also looking for Blink to contribute as it can be their next browser engine.

In the mobile world Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is nowhere to be seen apart from Windows phones, which are still very small in numbers compared to Android and Apple iOS devices. The original Webkit engine can be seen on Apple’s Safari browser.

The mobile browser war is going to have two poles – Mozilla & Samsung’s Servo powered browsers, and Google backed Blink engine powered browsers including Opera’s browsers. Samsung with largest mobile device userbase can easily give a boost to Mozilla’s dream entry into mobile space, while Samsung will get lesser dominance from Google. Interestingly both Mozilla and Samsung are seperately working on alternative mobile platform – FirefoxOS and Tizen, respectively.

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April 5, 2013 11:48 am 11:48 AM

Where are your facts teletalk ? Servo is going nowhere, not unless Mozilla abandons Gecko, just so you know this implementation will be mainly for Samsung devices & perhaps only on Tizen ! Blink on the other hand, being a fork of Webkit, is backed by Google & is gonna be cross platform so this pretty kills any competition even before it begins ! The moral of the story is that Mozilla/IE/Safari/Opera will remain but Google will still be the undisputed browser king, the one to rule them all (:

April 5, 2013 11:11 am 11:11 AM

Hi guys…., You have forgotten Z10 blackberry browser……Which is the best browser in the market with HLTM5 test score of 485 with 11 bonus point and chrome and opera are in 2nd and 3rd position with the scores of 417 and 406…

April 5, 2013 2:14 am 2:14 AM

im very much satisfied with opera for its smooth UI,,
UC BRowser – for fast n compressed downloading
Mozilla is too good for deaktop experience in my tab, today i updated it for its unique intigeration of secure browsing mode where it wont allow cookies to store any thing… Lovely
These thee have a unique qualities.
Best thing about opera is i can sync all my bookmarks from my symbian to androis n vice-versa