Ministry of Communications and IT issues Social Media Guidelines to Govt. Employees

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In a recent memorandum the Ministry of Communications and IT has issued certain mandatory guidelines to Government employees. The ministry notes that most of the social media platforms are based out of India and are not governed by Indian laws, has advised employees to exercise due caution while posting on social media. Government employees are also advised to ensure that applicable laws are honored.

Social Media Guidelines India

Here is the list of mandatory guidelines:

  1. One must clearly identify oneself - this means anonymous profiles are not encouraged
  2. Confidential information must not be divulged
  3. Unless authorized, views must not represent the official view
  4. Indian ISPs email services need to be used whose servers are based in India

The social media guidelines issued by Ministry shows the growing adoption of social media in government circles. Similar guidelines exist for employees in the private sector in order to ensure that everyone shares information responsibly.

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