MIMO the explanation for Speed from 3G to 4G

It should have crossed our mind when there is a step input in speed from 3G (Av 3.6 to 4 Mbps) to 4G (Around 48Mbps).


MIMO is a terminology that is being a method for multiplying the capacity of a radio link using multiple transmit and receive antennas .

In MIMO your modem uses two separate antennas at once to deliver super fast speeds.



What makes this possible s cross polarized waves giving birth to 2 simultaneous streams of data.

MIMO uses multiplexing to increase wireless bandwidth and range. The algorithms send information out over multiple antennas and the information is received via multiple antennas as well. Whereas in normal radio, multiplexing would cause interference MIMO uses the additional pathways to transmit more information and then recombines the signal on the receiving end.

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MIMO systems provide a significant capacity gain over conventional single antenna systems, along with more reliable communication. Thus MIMO sounds to be the most promising among upcoming the wireless technologies.

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September 2, 2015 8:12 am 8:12 AM

Reliance already uses MIMO for 3G!

September 2, 2015 5:13 pm 5:13 PM

Kindly let me know the model.
To my knowledge Normal 3G and Next-G signals are broadcast vertically polarised, where the wave travels “up and down”. LTE MIMO waves are slant polarised where each wave is rotated 45 degrees from the horizontal, mirrored so the first is at 45 degrees and the other at 135 degrees. This smart little trick is called polarisation diversity and allows your modem to distinguish two independent streams of data over the same frequency allocated by the cell tower.

September 2, 2015 12:13 am 12:13 AM

Good stuff packed. However more information for laymen needed. MIMO is a technology used by Tikona, but Tikona’s user exp is pretty bad.

September 2, 2015 5:15 pm 5:15 PM

It is important to know MIMO is switched on and off by the modem. The decision whether to use MIMO is negotiated with the cell tower, whereby the quality of the received and transmitted signals are assessed (a metric known as CQI). When signal strength or quality is low it’s difficult for the modem to distinguish between the two data streams, so when signal levels drop below a certain threshold leve

September 1, 2015 9:56 pm 9:56 PM

OK but what we Indians will do with this mimo ? Its already in use here or its coming technology in 2020 ?

September 3, 2015 3:22 pm 3:22 PM

All 4G Phones will be equipped with MIMO. MIMO Wireless routers are also available in the market.


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