Mi Band 4 Users Can Control Their Phone Camera Besides All the Other Features

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The Xiaomi success story is well known in the Indian market, and it has become so popular that it is not just limited to smartphones now. The Chinese manufacturer has now got dominance over the wearables market and the smart TV market as well in India. While the Mi Band 3 saw significant success in India, the Mi Band 4 was launched to top it off and it met the expectations of the buyers. Xiaomi has also launched a new variant of the Mi Band 4 which is the Mi Band 4i and it comes with some trimmed down features. With that being said, the Mi Band 4 is one of the best fitness bands out there, which totally justifies its price tag and gives some of the best features to the users. This also means that a lot of people out there have already got their hands on the Mi Band 4 and are sporting it daily during their workouts, runs or throughout the day. However, there is one feature of the Mi Band 4 which might have eluded the people and come to think of it; it is also one of the best uses that you can make of a smartwatch. Here is how you can use the Mi Band 4 as the shutter control for your smartphone camera.


Steps to Enable Camera Control on Mi Band 4

Firstly it is important to understand that the Mi Band 4 does not support the camera control functionality natively, so if you try searching around your Mi Band apps for a camera icon, chances are you will be disappointed. However, there is still the support for third-party applications on the Mi Band 4 which is something appreciable Xiaomi has been continuing since the last generation of the Mi Band. Now to actually use your Mi Band 4 as the shutter control, you will have to download the Mi Band 2/4 & Amazefit Selfie app from the Google Play Store on to your Android phone. On that note, this is another thing that you must keep in mind that the trick will only work with Android phones.

Connecting Mi Band 4 to App

Once you have downloaded the Mi Band 2/4 & Amazefit Selfie application, you will need to pair this app with your Mi Band 4. To do that firstly, you will need to know the Bluetooth Address of your Mi Band 4 device. To do this, you will have to go to the Mi Fit app on your phone, and then tap on profile. Here on scrolling to the bottom, you will find the Bluetooth address. To copy this, you will have to long-tap the address. Now that you have got the Bluetooth Address copied, you will need to open the Amazefit Selfie app again and here you will need to paste this in the MAC address field category. When you press connect, your Mi Band 4 device will vibrate to let you know that it has been successfully connected.

Using Mi Band 4 as Camera Controller

Now the next step is to download a compatible camera app. Users wishing to use the Mi Band 4 as shutter control will have to keep this in mind that your regular camera app won’t be able to work with the Amazefit Selfie app. A list of supported apps is given on the lower side of the Amazefit screen, and you will have to download any one of these. After downloading, simply open the new camera application and you can start clicking right away. Keep note that if you are in the video mode, then clicking the shutter will start recording the video.

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