MediaTek’s future SoCs might feature AMD graphics

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MWC has been more than just a platform for mobile and gadgets as it also acts as an ultimate venue for global technology trends and innovation. At the MWC this year,  MediaTek and AMD have hinted about their possible cooperation in the future.

If Industry sources are to be believed, we can expect a major cooperation between MediaTek and AMD. Both the companies have been in talks for a while now. Keeping all the things under consideration, AMD might tread the same path in the mobile GPU arena, being a vendor for custom-made graphics accelerators for MediaTek processors. The partnership is estimated to be a big leap for both the companies.

MediaTek and AMD

MediaTek has been the fastest-growing, chip manufacturer and it has become a major supplier for mobile SoC’s. Until now many of MediaTek’s competitors have in-house solutions, for example Qualcomm with their Adreno chips, or Nvidia, with the Maxwell. Interestingly, MediaTek has been relying on ARM for graphics and Imaginations Technologies. Now, this is where AMD steps in, as it has formed a niche in the mobile segment, also, Qualcomm’s Adreno chips are somewhat based on AMD’s Imageon technology. AMD mostly deals in the desktop PC market nowadays, but it also possess the dexterity and potential to develop low-powered graphics solutions.

Nothing has been officially confirmed though, which means that we might have to wait to witness actual results. We do hope that AMD will be able to carve its niche in today’s mobile market.

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