Maxis Launches 5G Services After Shareholder Approval of DNB Access Agreement

Malaysia's Maxis launches new 5G plans catering to consumers and businesses, offering enhanced data services for both 4G and 5G networks. The plans include bonus data exclusively for 5G, enabling seamless video consumption and productivity tools.


  • Maxis introduces advanced 5G plans to address growing digital needs.
  • New plans offer double data capacity, emphasizing video content and productivity.
  • Hotlink presents competitive 5G options for various customer segments.

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Maxis Launches 5G After Shareholder Approval of DNB Access Agreement
Malaysian telecommunications company Maxis has officially announced the launch of its highly anticipated 5G service and range of 5G plans, which went live on August 15, 2023. Maxis says this move aims to cater to the burgeoning digital needs of both consumers and businesses, providing upgraded plans with enhanced data offerings for both 4G and 5G networks.

Maxis 5G Launch

With the launch of 5G services, Maxis has become the last of Malaysia's service providers to introduce 5G services over the network operated by Digital Nasional Berhad, the wholesale 5G network provider. TelecomTalk reported last month that Maxi intends to sign an agreement that would allow it access to DNB's 5 G network.

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Maxis 5G Plans

As part of its 5G launch, Maxis announced a range of new 5G Plans. Maxis says the upgraded plans promise to deliver more than double the data capacity, addressing the increasing demand for seamless video content consumption and productivity tools. These new plans offer bonus data exclusively for 5G services.

"We are excited to bring 5G plans to our customers following our shareholders’ approval at the EGM on August 14 and the subsequent signing of the Access Agreement with DNB. Our plans offer attractive value for all segments, with a focus on affordability and adoption so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of 5G," stated Maxis in its statement.

Maxis announced that individual and business customers can look forward to various plans tailored to their requirements as below.

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Maxis Postpaid with 5G

Maxis Postpaid plans, priced between RM 79 to RM 199 per month, offer a 4G/5G data allocation of up to 200GB. Moreover, subscribers can enjoy bonus 5G data allowance of up to 100GB. Unlimited calls and SMS are also included in these packages.

To ensure the accessibility of 5G, Maxis is also introducing an array of 5G devices for individual consumers, coupled with convenient ownership options through Maxis Zerolution - a flexible instalment plan spanning 24 or 36 months with 0 percent interest.

Maxis Business Postpaid with 5G

For corporate customers, Maxis Business postpaid plans offer the same upgraded 5G benefits to individual consumers. Additionally, Maxis says these plans feature a Productivity Data allocation of up to 100GB, along with digital marketing solutions incorporated into their company subscriptions.

Maxis Business extends a RM 10 rebate per month for up to 12 months on any of its 5G postpaid plans for new customers and existing customers looking to upgrade their services.

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Hotlink Postpaid and Prepaid with 5G

Hotlink customers can avail the Hotlink Postpaid plan with 5G at RM 70 per month, with 70GB of 4G/5G data and an added 35GB of bonus 5G data. Hotlink Prepaid customers can enjoy various 5G internet pass options from RM 45 per month for 50GB of data and a Bonus of 25GB of 5G data.

Notably, young customers aged below 24 years can benefit from a 20 percent cashback on the purchase of any monthly internet pass.

Maxis Home WiFi with 5G

Maxis said it is also enhancing home internet connectivity through its Home WiFi plans. Existing and new subscribers opting for the RM 158 monthly plan can enjoy unlimited 4G/5G speed. This package includes a premium 5G router designed to provide high-speed connectivity, catering to multiple users and devices within a household.

Plan Upgrades

To take advantage of these advanced 5G plans, existing Maxis and Hotlink customers can initiate plan upgrades through the official website, Maxis or Hotlink mobile applications, or by visiting the nearest Maxis Centre.

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As Maxis steps into the 5G era, it aims to bridge the connectivity gap, enabling a broader spectrum of users to embrace the benefits of accelerated digital experiences.

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