Exclusive: After Make your Own Postpaid Plan, comes Make your Own Mobile Number

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Update: Here is the most important update you all are awaiting for. The new mobile operator who will launch services with personalized numbers is DingDong Mobile. The winners will be intimated by email soon! :P

Wait, did you really believe this? As many of you have rightly guessed, this is 2014's April Fools Day Prank from Team TelecomTALK. The response to the post has been overwhelming as always and we received lots of responses from readers who either stated interest in obtaining personalized numbers or rightly guessed it as April Fools Day Prank.

Our sincere thanks to all those who participated in the contest! Our apologies if anyone here felt that we wasted your time. We just intended to add a funny dose to your busy day. :)

Every other private operator is now allowing their subscribers to design their own postpaid plan (Read Airtel, Idea and Vodafone). Elated by the response of subscribers towards their make your own plan initiative, a leading telecom operator is now said to be all set to allow customers to make their own mobile numbers.

While almost all operators allow you to search and choose your new mobile number (even online), this operator has a unique offering – mobile number based on your name! Scarcity of 10 digit mobile numbers is one more reason as to why this operator decided to take a lead in this. Our sources confirmed that necessary technical arrangements and approvals were in place for the launch!

Mobile Number based on your Name!

We are all used to same monotonous mobile numbers – those starting with 7, 8, 9. How about numbers starting with 1, 2, 3 etc.? That is going to be a reality in coming days. The new numbering scheme would have the following structure:

First 2 digits for <State> <6 digits from your Name> <2 digits from Operator>

This numbering scheme is akin to that used by Road Transport Authorities for vehicle numbering, where first two letters can be used to identify the state where the vehicle is registered. Next six digits will be based on your name, followed by two digits from operator for anonymity.

Alphabet – Number Chart


You can use this chart for quickly finding out your next mobile number will look like. For two digit numbers, the sum of the resulting digits will be used – K which is 11th alphabet will be given number 2 (Refer Equivalent column).

An example on how to use the chart

I am from Karnataka (KA) and my name is Chethan – my number would be
K – 2, A – 1, C – 3, H – 8, E – 5, T – 2, H – 8, A – 1, N – 5 making my new number 213852815 – nine digits in total. Now I will be allowed to use only up to 6 digits of my own. I can go with 21 – 385281 – XX, with XX being operator's choice. In addition to this, the end user will also be allowed to rearrange the six digits which will eliminate some competition amongst end users. With this option my choice will again change to 21 – 123588 – XX. Isn't 123588 better than 385281?

Advantage of using random two digits at the end and jumbling the numbers would ensure that no one would be able to guess your name right. Those who have smaller names will have to settle for more digits from operator's side.

Will they cost more?

Yes, this will be a premium offering and not everyone will be able to lay hands on it. Don't stop here, as we have a positive news. In a goodwill gesture towards TelecomTALK readers, the operator has confirmed that 500 lucky TelecomTALK readers would be able to lay hands on this premium offering at a nominal rate of Rs. 1. From our end, top 10 entries will win a recharge of Rs. 1000.

How to turn lucky?

We know who is the operator but we would not reveal that. Be assured, they are a leading Indian operator with good network coverage across the nation and offer wonderful customer support. That must not turn you off from participating.

  • You need to guess the operator right
  • You need to design a number of your choice based on conditions outlined above
  • You need to comment below with your choice.

Jury comprising of our team and operators' would be picking up 500 lucky winners based on the right operator name guess and best number choice.

Along with you all, even I wish to turn lucky by writing my choice right in the post above. Wish me luck, folks! So do not delay further and start working towards a dream number!

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