Make Sure Your Phone Has A Genuine IMEI Number By 30th Nov

Make Sure Your Phone Has A Genuine IMEI Number By 30th NovThe Department of Telecommunication has ruled out an order to disconnect all phones bearing no IMEI (International Equipment Mobile Identity) numbers in them. A strict order which is going to be implemented from 30th November 2009 has been passed.

All Chinese mobiles and phones which do not have genuine IMEI number are going to be forfeited of services by their service provider. So DOT has issued a notice to all customers to get themselves a genuine IMEI number from DOT approved service centers.

Each GSM mobile handset has a unique code called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) issued by the GSM authority. As per Government of India Directive, handsets with non-genuine IMEI will stop working on all networks by 30th November 2009.

What is an IMEI number?

• IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is unique 15 digit identification       number of the Mobile Handset. It is like the registration number of your vehicle.

•One can check the IMEI no of the Mobile Handset by pressing *#06#

•IMEI numbers are being allotted by five bodies authorized by GSMA.

•From IMEI number one can identify the make and model of the handset.

• To verify the IMEI number one can send a message “IMEI <15 digit IMEI      No.>  to 53232

For eg, IMEI 351869910223340 to 53232

Message displayed for correct IMEI – Success!!

Message displayed for incorrect IMEI – Alert!!! Invalid IMEI

•No two mobile handsets in the world should have the same IMEI number.

•IMEI number is an important tool for the handset tracking.

IMEI Number Structure

TAC – Type Allocation Code Serial Number Check Digit
Reporting Body Identifier, eg MSAI Type Identifier defined by MSAI Number range allocated by MSAI but assigned to individual mobile stations by the manufacturer. Defined as a function of all other digits (calculated by the manufacturer).

About Genuine IMEI Implant

Mobile Standards Alliance of India (MSAI) is exclusively authorized body in India by GSM Association (GSMA) to perform Genuine IMEI Implant program (GII).MSAI is working in partnership with Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and Department of Telecommunications (DOT) to implant the genuine IMEI numbers on to the mobile handsets which are carrying bad/non genuine IMEI numbers as a one time Amnesty Program.

The Service partners have to follow the process and guideline for this program as prescribed by Department of Telecommunications as advised by the security agencies.

•GII Program activated on handsets carrying Invalid IMEI numbers across india.

• Unique, one of a kind in the World Benefiting Consumers in a One Time Opportunity Approved by Government and COAI.

•  Government Bodies Intelligence Agencies & Department of   Telecommunication  along with COAI Monitoring the development of  GII Program.

• Full proof time bound program controlled through online central servers.

• Pay a nominal charge of Rs 199 (all inclusive) and obtain a receipt.

Why GII program?

•GII program is being implanted in compliance with the Govt. (DOT) circular barring the handsets carrying Invalid IMEI numbers.

•Security agencies advised DOT of multiple Invalid IMEI on handsets while intercepting terrorist calls.

•GII program being run to help protect the interest of consumers who unwittingly bought these handsets.

• Operators joined hands to facilitate the conversion of the Invalid IMEI numbers to genuine.

Once in a LifeTime Opportunity

•    Get handsets with Invalid IMEI implanted with genuine IMEI number.

•    Genuine IMEI recognized by network operators so ‘no barring’ of  services.

•    Govt. approved genuine IMEI implant process.

•    Choice of 1600 + GII service partners nationwide as they are rolled out.

•    DO NOT VISIT unauthorized shops as they compromise national security by implanting duplicate/invalid numbers which will be disconnected again.

For more information & FAQ’s please refer to the below mentioned link :

For a list of genuine GII centers click on the following link :

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June 11, 2012 9:24 pm 9:24 PM

what it the problem if my phone displays invalid IMEI and how can I solve this problem Thanks

February 10, 2011 6:50 am 6:50 AM

i have a china mobile and bsnl sim .but when i insert the sim first it chows bsnl mobile then it shows invalid works in other phones properly.this problem occured once and mobile reparier registered my mobile and it worked for some it repeates again the same problem.

September 19, 2010 12:54 pm 12:54 PM

i am from India using New Company Mobile: LAVA A9. This company newly launched in India, I can’t check his IMEI Code. Please give me suggestion about how to check mobile phone IMEI Code, especially Indian Mobile Phone. I am waiting for reply…