Loop Mobile Creates Precautionary Measures To Tackle Monsoons in Mumbai

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Loop Mobile Creates Precautionary Measures To Tackle Monsoons in MumbaiLoop Mobile has undertaken special measures this monsoon to ensure seamless network.

Loop Mobile has equipped itself to tackle any network related issues, preparing itself for Mumbai’s monsoon.

Starting from special emergency services, dual power and battery backups at Sites, it has installed water-proofing initiatives and re-structuring of some prominent towers at a raised height.As of today, Loop Mobile has over 2000 sites in Mumbai and additional In-building solutions covering multiplexes, malls and residential complexes.

As part of the special measures, Loop Mobile has installed pre-maintenance initiatives, power back-up facilities, water proofing and re-structuring of towers. Loop Mobile has also enhanced their base stations/towers with dual power plants and dual battery, thus effectively reducing the redundancy and the back–up time by 8 to 10 hours. These stations will be additionally equipped with diesel generators that will be stored at critical hub sites to tackle a power outage.

Loop Mobile has further completed all electrical maintenance at the sites to provide uninterrupted and enhanced network. Additionally, weather proofing maintenance for antennas has been successfully completed to avoid water seepage that could result in an outage.

Continuing to deliver the best services, Loop Mobile has introduced Automatic Protection Switching (APS) to end call disruptions. Transmission paths are protected at base stations/towers, thus diminishing chances of a network failure. A special round the clock emergency network supervision team has been created.


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