List of operators who have been fined for Violating MNP: Airtel emerges top offender

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TRAI so far put financial disincentives of Rs.8,13,26,000 for violation of MNP regulation, answered Hon.Minister for communication and information technology Ravi Shankar Prasad during the question hour session in Rajya Sabha on 28/11/2014.


After implementation of the Mobile Number Portability Regulations, the Authority had received a number of complaints wherein the subscribers had reported that their porting requests were rejected by the donor operators on various grounds. On examination, it was noticed that in many cases rejection of porting requests of the subscribers done by the service providers was not in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.

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Accordingly directions were issued to concerned service providers to ensure compliance of Mobile Number Portability regulations, so that MNP process is smooth and convenient to the subscribers.

F.D levied on Private Telecom Service Providers due to contravention of the provisions of MNP Regulations
Sl. No  Companies Amount of Financial Disincentive imposed till date Amount of Financial Disincentive Received till date Remarks
 1  Bharti Airtel 46,814,000 46,814,000
 2  Vodafone 10,492,000 10,492,000
 3  Idea 5,462,000 5,462,000
 4  Reliance  Communications  Ltd. 8,500 8,500
 5  Reliance Telecom Ltd. 47,000 43,000 Rs.4000/- recently imposed.  Due date is yet to be completed.
 6  Aircel 15,777,000 15,069,000 Rs. 708000/- recently imposed.  Due date is yet to be completed.
 7  Tata 1,933,500 1,933,500
 8  Telewings 12,500 12,500
 9  Sistema Shyam 509,000 509,000
 10  Videocon 4,000 4,000
 11  Loop 241,500 153,500 Rs. 88000/- recently imposed  on 31.10.2014.
 12  Quadrant 25,000 25,000
 Total 81,326,000 80,526,000

In addition, show cause notices were also issued against those service providers who had contravened the Mobile Number Portability regulations. Further, TRAI also issued Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2012 dated 19th September, 2012 providing financial disincentives for unjustified rejection of porting request and for violation of timelines specified in the regulations.

As per the provision of these regulations, Financial Disincentives have been levied on private TSPs. From the list you can see that Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have got high fines and stand in top three positions on violation of MNP regulations.

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