KPN to Invest EUR 4.5 Billion in Dutch Digital Infrastructure

KPN will invest billions in the digitisation of the Netherlands over the next four years, focusing on fiber optic expansion, customer service, and sustainability.


  • Over 4.5 billion euros committed to digitising the Netherlands.
  • KPN to connect 80 percent of Dutch households to fiber optics by 2026
  • Enhanced user experience through data, AI, and automation.

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KPN to Invest EUR 4.5 Billion in Dutch Digital Infrastructure
Dutch telecommunications company KPN announced today that it will continue to invest heavily in the digitization of the Netherlands over the next few years as part of its "Connect, Activate, and Grow" strategy. KPN plans to allocate over 4.5 billion euros for this endeavour until 2027, with a significant portion dedicated to the expansion of fiber optic networks. The company will focus on expanding its fiber network, building customer loyalty, developing new 5G services, and implementing cloud and AI applications to enhance business efficiency.

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Enhancing Digital Infrastructure

By the end of 2026, KPN aims to provide fiber optic connections to approximately 80 percent of Dutch households, representing an increase of around 2 million connections compared to the current number.

KPN said, "KPN is growing again in all segments and the rollout of fiber is on track. In the coming years, we will finish what we started, so that at the end of 2026 about 80 percent of the Netherlands has fiber from KPN or Glaspoort. With our Connect, Activate and Grow strategy, we do everything we can to connect everyone in the Netherlands with a sustainable future and create long-term value for all our stakeholders."

Digital Infrastructure in Netherlands

To strengthen the Dutch fixed and mobile internet services, KPN has announced its commitment to invest in digital infrastructure, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring secure internet access in the coming years. Furthermore, KPN said it will continue to open its networks to other providers in the coming years, and in collaboration with its subsidiary NL-IX, it will expand its service offerings.

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Customer Service

KPN has outlined plans to enhance its offerings and services to customers across all segments in the coming years, with a focus on consistently providing the best quality, relevance, and security. The company aims to leverage data, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation to further enhance the customer experience.


By 2025, KPN aims to achieve complete circularity within its operations. In 2027, KPN customers will access the internet via an eco-friendly and efficient network primarily powered by green electricity, mainly generated from a new wind farm off the Dutch coast.

Additionally, by 2030, KPN's goal is to reduce its actual energy consumption by 55 percent compared to the levels recorded in 2010, despite the significant growth in data traffic.

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Other Areas of Focus

KPN has expressed its commitment to developing additional initiatives in the field of biodiversity in the upcoming years. Moreover, and integrate cybersecurity into its ESG policy. KPN also intends to focus on nurturing new talent in the years to come and will continue to encourage its employees to further develop themselves.

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