Informate Reports claims Mobile Internet is Most Popular in India

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With the high rate of innovation in handset features and upsurge of VAS services in the telecom market, there exists a need to tap the user behavior and preferences towards these products and services. Informate Mobile Intelligence a Mumbai based mobile consumer usage research firm provides vital insights to the various players, including telecom operators, handset manufacturers, VAS application developers, Advertisers, etc.

Informate Mobile Intelligence reports claims that in India Mobile Phone users spent on an average 25-30 minutes (per day) of active time on voice calls and almost 15-20 minutes (per day) of the active time is spent on Messaging (SMS).However time spent on chat and Mobile Internet shows upward trend and average 40-45 minutes (per day) is spent on this activity. Time spent on Multimedia activities is almost 5 times as compared to time spent on Games.

Age-wise, the younger age groups are seen accessing mobile Internet for personal banking, life insurance and stock market related services over the mobile medium. The older age groups access such sites through the mobile medium mainly to access stock market related services.

Kedar Sohoni, President, Informate Mobile Intelligence

According to the Kedar Sohoni President, Informate Mobile Intelligence Pvt Ltd, "Mobile Internet will be bigger than what most think. Globally, more users are likely to connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs. The ramp up of mobile Internet will be a lot faster than desktop Internet. For an example, Phone and iTouch took just nine quarters to reach a base of 57 million users."

Looking into the future, Sohoni said, “More music will be consumed in India through mobile phones than through any other medium within the next few years.The mobile phone will be the No. 1 gaming device in India when it comes to share of time spent. Six out of every 10 users players have played a game in a last one month.

The mobile phone will be the No. 1 medium for delivering ‘Breaking News’ in the future even as news on the mobile is on rise. One out of every seven users accesses news on their mobile phones through their phone browser. Eleven per cent of the users have used a downloadable news application on their phone in the previous month. Eventually, more people will access social networking sites through their mobile phones than through desktop PCs."

Informate Mobile Intelligence is the first company in India providing information based on actual mobile usage – beyond the call durations and SMS statistics.

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