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Idea Oongli Cricket In A New AvatarIdea's going ga-ga with its Oongli campaign. In its latest offering this time it brings to you yet another magic piece of cartoon art by C2W Digital the media house behind Idea's Oongli sensation.

As we had previously informed you about the Oongli Ad V2.0 now it brings a new story to continue the trend.In the ad we'll get introduced to a fun type comedy flick which reminds of the 'Thakur' of the film Sholay.

There's one charter names as Roma who is initially been introduced as a typical bar dancer. The scene starts off with the dancing sensation Roma showing you the jhatkas and matkas.

As the story roles down we get to see 3 villains who catches Roma to be a guy in disguise and then starts the grueling round of making him say where is the picture the boss holding Roma in hand At last when targeted to chop Roma's fingers he finally gives up and reveals the picture from under his wick.

Its a bit of scandalizing stuff which is sure to make people laugh to the core. Its basically for promoting the Oongli Cricket campaign. The animation can be viewed here

Next up in the line is Pyaar ka Test. There's two character Deepak and Pinky. Deepak claims to love Pinky a lot but Pinky wants to test Deepak's level of love and thus begins the torture. From making tattoos on his chest to cutting off his beard. And then comes the climax.

Pinky asks Deepak to cut his finger and smear her forehead with blood to prove his love for her is really true. Aha!! rings the bell and Deepak shoots away. He claims he cannot waste his finger by cutting it only just that he cannot be a Oongli Cricket Champion. This piece of art is also brought up and composed by C2W Digital. The animation can be viewed here

Both the sites contain links to Idea's facebook, orkut and twiter pages and users can also forward the animation to their friends .

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