Hollywood Horror Films Available for Streaming on Prime Video in Hindi

Discover Hollywood's best horror films with Hindi subtitles on Amazon Prime. Enjoy spine-tingling tales without missing a beat.


  • The Witch is a Journey into Ancient Darkness.
  • The Grudge is a Relentless Japanese-Inspired Terror.
  • I See You is a Horror with Heart and Meaning

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hollywood horror films available streaming primevideo hindi
When watching a horror film, it's crucial to keep your eyes firmly fixed on the screen, but this becomes challenging when you have to read subtitles at the same time. On Amazon Prime video, you can watch these Hollywood horror films in Hindi. We all enjoy the shivering and chills a horror film gives us, don't we? Hollywood produces the best horror films, but it might be difficult to follow along with the quick foreign accents and understand the subtitles. There is the best answer for a situation like this one.

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These Hollywood horror films are available on Amazon Prime Video in Hindi. Watch your films intently and have fun!

The Conjuring Series

'The Conjuring Series' is here to restore clarity to your supernatural glasses if adulthood has obscured it. These films are based on actual occurrences taken directly from Ed and Lorraine Warren's files. This film series guarantees to give you shivers down your spine and release you with its jump scares. These are among the few films that accurately depict possession and exorcism.

The Witch (2015)

A folktale horror film from the 1630s called "The Witch" centers on the satanic experiences of a Puritan household. The focus of the movie is on various forms of old demonic magic, such as witchcraft, black magic, and demonic possession. This movie will take you on a journey with its masterfully composed musical cues and imaginatively constructed visual shots.

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The Grudge (2020)

The 'The Grudge' franchise has tormented us intensely from the first film produced in 2004 to the most recent one published in 2020, all while evoking the horrors of a Japanese drama (Top Horror Anime Of All Time). This film makes a commitment to delivering you the creepiest feelings with its script and well-suited soundtrack.

I See You (2019)

'I See You' is your best choice if you want to choose a movie that isn't merely a horror movie. This film, in addition to being a heart-pounding adrenaline ride, focuses on the negative repercussions of child abuse and the difficulties faced by the homeless. As you watch this movie, you learn something and experience something you fear.

With Prime Video's collection of Hollywood horror films now available in Hindi, movie enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite genre without missing a beat.

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