Hathway Broadband 100 Mbps Plan, Is It Worth It

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Hathway is one of the oldest private fiber broadband service providers in India. The company’s offerings vary from circle to circle. It provides internet services in over 20 cities of India, including cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, and more.

One of its fiber broadband plans with 100 Mbps speed is worth talking about. This is because 100 Mbps is the sweet spot when it comes to purchasing fiber plans by an average consumer. Hathway’s 100 Mbps plans are only available in select circles of the country. Further, the plan’s pricing is different for each circle.

Let’s dive into the 100 Mbps plan from Hathway and check if it is worth purchasing at all.

Hathway Broadband 100 Mbps Plan Details

Note that we are talking about the 100 Mbps plan offering by Hathway in the Mumbai circle. First of all, users can purchase this plan for 1 month. At a minimum, users will have to purchase this plan for 3 months.

The name of the 100 Mbps plan offered by Hathway in the Mumbai circle is ‘GPON_SuperBlast_ULTD’. It offers users uniform upload and download speeds. With this plan, users get unlimited data every month. However, Hathway has mentioned that post-consumption of fair-usage-policy (FUP) data, the speed for the user will drop to 5 Mbps.

Based on this information, we can assume that the unlimited data offered by Hathway isn’t truly unlimited data. We couldn’t confirm the FUP limit of the plan, but we will update here once it is done.

Hathway Broadband 100 Mbps Plan Price

As mentioned above, Hathway offers its 100 Mbps broadband plan for at least three

months. Users need to pay Rs 2,247 (excluding GST) for the three months, meaning the monthly cost of the plan is Rs 749 per month. Further, for the six months plan, users will have to pay Rs 4,494 (exclusive GST), where the monthly cost of the plan is again Rs 749 per month. Lastly, users can also get this plan for 12 months for a one-time cost of Rs 8,988 (excluding GST), where the monthly cost of the plan would again be Rs 749 per month.

So essentially, whether you take the three months, six months, or twelve months plan, you don’t get any discounts from the company. Further, users will have to pay for installation cost separately. On its website, Hathway has highlighted that it will provide users with a free Wi-Fi router upon successful purchase of a fiber internet plan.

The user will have to return the Wi-Fi router to Hathway the day they decide to discontinue the connection.

For purchasing a connection from Hathway, users will have to provide the necessary documents to the company, which include – photo ID proof, passport size photo, and address proof. In certain circles, users also need to pay rent for the modem.

Is it Worth It?

When there are 100 Mbps broadband plans available from JioFiber, Airtel Xstream Fiber, Excitel, or ACT, purchasing this plan from Hathway doesn’t make any sense. First of all, it is expensive, and then you don’t get any over-the-top (OTT) benefits.

Then, you have to pay separately for installation charges, even for long-term plans. Considering all this, Hathway’s 100 Mbps broadband plan isn’t worth it.

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Published by
Tanay Singh

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